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Rosângela Vig

Rosângela Vig é Artista Plástica e Professora de História da Arte na UNIP.

Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Professor of Art History at UNIP.

Rosângela Araújo Pires Vig

I have dedicated myself to drawing since I was a kid. At principal as an admirer of colors and pencils. I felt passionate to succeed in transforming a blank paper in drawings that my imagination created.

With the time I've been transforming my taste to a hobby and dedicating myself and perfecting. I took a course in São Paulo, but what always brought me inspiration was watching the movements of things, of people, perceive their shadows, lights and colors of the most diverse tones.

I started to draw castles, casarios with graphite pencil and crayons. I never get tired of seeing details in old buildings in Venice, which earned me enough inspiration to get the first prize. Since then began a frenetic production that today sum over two hundred paintings. With the encouragement of my husband and my daughter have participated in exhibitions, catalogues and magazines that circulate in the country. I am doing Masters in Communication and Culture, which helps me to define styles and see the art as a means of expressing ideas.

Currently I find myself in a more modern phase, with geometric lines, cubist and colorful and still do castles, but a more current design. My artworks are now with graphite, pencil and canvas. I feel fulfilled when I see a ready canvas and every day I perceive a new idea and a new image. From each trip, of each place I visit I bring a different style and often take papers and pencil to sketch the drawings right there that will turn into canvas that I imagine.

I love what I do and I know I have something new to learn every day.

Visual Artist


Collection of over two hundred artworks made with graphite, color pencil, canvas and oily pastel.

  • By 2002 – Academic ArtWorks.
  • From 2003 – Academic ArtWorks, Cubist and Geometric.

Detailed Exhibitions, Prizes and Publications on the Field of Art:

  • September 2001 Silver Medal with the artwork Veneza (charcoal), in the Salão Agosto of Cofrart, São Paulo.
  • From 2002 – Drawings on the Desenho e Pintura Magazine of On Line Editors, circulating throughout Brazil with cover designs.
  • September 2002 – Participation on Desenho e Pintura´s Magazine n . 4 (ISSN 1676-6660) with the artwork O Moinho.
  • November 2002 – Participation on Desenho e Pintura´s Magazine n . 5 (ISSN 1676-6660) with the artwork Requinte.
  • October 2002 – Bronze Medal on the Salão Sempre Primavera with the ArtWorks “Cerejas” and “Preparando o Jantar” – shopping Móveis Moema, São Paulo.
  • August 2002 – Bronze Medal with the artwork “Ponte em Santiago de Compostela” (Graphite) – Agosto Hall, Cofrart, São Paulo.
  • January 2003 – ArtWorks on the V International Catalogue of Cofrart, São Paulo.
  • January 2003 – Participation on Desenho e Pintura´s Magazine n . 6 (ISSN 16766660) with the artwork “Atravessando o Rio”.
  • March 2003 – Participation on Desenho e Pintura´s Magazine n . 9 (ISSN 1676-6660) with the artworks “Inverno no Cais” and “Igreja em Santiago de Compostela”.
  • June 2003 – Participation on Desenho e Pintura´s Magazine n . 10 (ISSN 1676-6660) with the artworks “Frutas da Estação” and “Cerejas”.
  • July 2003 – Individual Exhibition on the Espaço Cultural de Sorocaba.
  • July 2003 Rede Globo disclosed the Art Exhibition on television.
  • July 2003 – Cruzeiro do Sul disclosed the Exhibition on the newspaper.
  • August 2003 – Participation on Desenho e Pintura´s Magazine n . 11(ISSN 1676-6660) with the artworks “A Tecelã” and “O Ceramista”.
  • August 2003 – Honor Medal with the artwork “As cores do Mar” (color pencil) on the IX Contest of Free Art of Saint Germain – Elmi Ateliê e Galeria, São Paulo.
  • August 2004 – Bronze Medal with the artwork “Ponte em Santiago” (color pencil) on the IX Contest of Free Art of Saint Germain – Elmi Ateliê e Galeria, São Paulo.
  • 2003 – Honor medal in the Mapa Cultural Paulista in Sorocaba with the artworks “Bridge in Venice” (color pencil) and “Cerejas” (charcoal).
  • 2003 – Participation on the Sorocaba City Project Arte na Praça.
  • December 2003 – Individual Art Exhibition in Sorocaba in the Espaço Cultural Municipal, and extension of the exhibition for more one month.
  • December 2003 – Special reporting sbouth my artworks on the Rede Globo for the Antena Paulista Program, Giro Sao Paulo and Has News.
  • December 2003 – Special reporting about my artworks on jornal Cruzeiro do Sul and on Jornal Ipanema in Sorocaba.
  • January 2004 – Participation on the VI International Catalogue of Cofrart, São Paulo.
  • February 2004 – Art Exhibition in Shopping M in Sorocaba.
  • From 2004 – Permanent Art Exhibition in Buon Gustaio restaurant, in Sorocaba.
  • May 2004 – Art Exhibition in Vera Simões Gallery – 7 Painters – with the artworks “Inverno no Castelo”, “Tigre das Neves” and “alto Mar” (all graphite), in São Paulo.
  • August 2004 – Invitation by the Secretaria da Cultura de Sorocaba to take part on the City anniversary. Participation with the artwork “Sorocaba na Década de 20” (charcoal).
  • 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 – Invitation to take part on the international Catalogues IV, V, VI, VII, VIII Artistas do Vernissage – Editora Domani..
  • August 2005 – Honor Medal with the work “Ponte em Santiago” (color pencil) in the Flávio Gagliardi Prize, in Sorocaba.
  • August 2005 – Invitation by the Secretaria da Cultura de Sorocaba to take part on the City anniversary. with the artwork “Sorocaba Estilizada” (black oil pastel).
  • January 2006 – I received the compliments of the Art Critic and Historian Mali Villasbôas of an ArtGallery in São Paulo.
  • July 2006 – Gold Medal on the Canson Prize of Art with the work “Brasil no Futebol” (color pencil) – Prize and artwork are on the Canson catalogue and website.
  • August 2006 – Invitation to take part on the equestrians tribute in Sorocaba with the artwork “Sorocaba Estilizada” (color oil pastel).
  • October 2006 – I took part on the first auction of Sorocabs, with the work “Nu em fragmentos, lápis” (color pencil) – ArtWork – sold by $2.000,00.
  • January 2007 – Invited by the Secretaria da Cultura to take part on the carnival celebrations with the artworks “Carnaval”, “Indo para casa” (panel).
  • 2007 – Invitation to take part on the Virada Cultural in Sorocaba, with the artwork “Nú Estilizado”.
  • 2007 – Silver Medal on the first 1o. Art Hall of the Catálogo Artistas do Vernissage, with the artwork: “Melted City”
  • 2008 – Invitation to take part on the Museu Itinerante event in the Prefeitura de Sorocaba, with the artwork: “Fragments of the City and the Sea”
  • 2008 – Honor Medal in the Catálogo Artistas do Vernissage with the artwork “Nú Estilizado”, Editora Domani Cultural.
  • 2009 – Silver medal with the artwork Santa Ceia, for Catálogo Horus.
  • 2010 – Bronze medal for the Modern and Contemporary Artworks.
  • 2011 – Representative of the State of São Paulo in the Circuito Internacional de Arte Brasileira in Brasil (Belo Horizonte), Portugal, Austria (Viena) and Spain (Madrid).
  • 2011 – Art Exhibition in NGArte – Rio de Janeiro – exhibition at the gallery.
  • 2011 – Art Exhibition in NGArte – Rio de Janeiro – Artistas em Foco.
  • 2012 – TV GAZETA – Artwork “Nú em Fragmentos” disclosed by the host and singer Ronnie Von on the Tv show “Todo Seu”, which aired on 25 on April 2012.
  • 2012 – Representative of the State of São Paulo on the Circuito Internacional de Arte Brasileira, in Hungary (Budapest), in the Netherlands (Haia e Amsterdã) and Brazil (Maringá).
  • 2012 – July, Individual Art Exhibition in Bar Kabul in São Paulo, for two weeks.
  • 2012 – September – Reporting on Jornal O Cruzeiro do Sul with artworks, on the Circuito Internacional de Arte Brasileira.
  • 2012 – October – Special reporting of one page about my artworks on Revista Bianchini.
  • 2013 – Autumn Art Exhibition on Espaço Paulista de Arte in São Paulo, in Pinheiros neighborhood.
  • 2013 – Representative of the State of São Paulo on the Circuito Internacional de Arte Brasileira, in Tunisia (Tunis), Italy (Rome) and Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo).
  • 2013 – Member of the Metropolitan Museum, USA.
  • 2014 – Reporting on the Jornal o Cruzeiro do Sul about the artwork “O Nascimento das Cores” and the book of the same name, of my own.

Preparando o Chá.


Critical Recognition:


“Mrs. Rosângela, already been in touch a few times but this time our director, historian and art critic Mali Villas-Bôas knew your artworks on the Catalogue Vernissage at this year edition, and wove the following comment: “I really liked the fragmentation of forms”, and put me on a mission to get in touch, therefore we would be interest in assisting and representing You in Sao Paulo, or simply exhibit your artworks in our projects. Also to better know our work we ask you to visit ". – GALERIA MALI VILLAS-BÔAS

“Ana – Universo Arte”.
Monday, 14 May 2007 22:10: 39.
Rosângela Araújo
Contact – Universo Arte.

Dear Rosângela,

“Your artworks are wonderful, fantastic, Congratulations “.

Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2011 22:00:08 -0200
Subject: XVI CIAB – Approved Artworks
From: marciamariamoura@

To: rosangelavig@hotmail.com

Hi Rosangela!

Your artworks were highly commended. Congratulations!

Editora Roma, Anuário de Artes Plásticas


First I want to congratulate you for the beautiful artworks that I met through the links you sent,

This year we are celebrating the 10th. Edition of the Anuário Brasileiro de Artes Plásticas, so it will be a special edition that will come out in November where we will also reward the artists.

I am forwarding some information about the book, as the page template and values ​​to participate.

Published 25/04/2012 by All Your Program – Rede Gazeta de Televisão.

The beautiful artwork “Naked in Fragments” is authored by cute Rosângela Vig, which solved perfecting her natural talent with new ideas and new techniques of art! Gorgeous huh handsome? – Ronnie Von

Link to the program: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_GqyFKysdY (Watch this Video Below)

Training Courses

  • EEPG “JOSÉ TALARICO” 1the. Degree – completed in 1978.
  • EESG “Dr.JOSÉ PEREIRA DE QUEIRÓS” 2the. Degree – completed in 1981.
  • UNIVERSIDADE SÃO JUDAS TADEU Superior – Letras Português / English completed in 1985.
  • UNIVERSITY OF SOROCABA – MASTERS IN COMMUNICATION AND CULTURE – University of Sorocaba – Ending in 2010. Defense Title: From Art to Communication to Communication as Art: One approach of Cubist Aesthetics in Guernica.

Certificates of Improvement

  • FISK SCHOOLS – Complete English Language Course.
  • UNIVERSITY SÃO JUDAS TADEU – Course in French Language.
  • CONFAB INDUSTRIAL S.A. – Course of Computer to Secretaries.
  • CONFAB INDUSTRIAL S.A. – Course for Time Management for Secretaries.
  • BUCKER/FAAP – Intensive Course for Executive Secretary.
  • SKILL – Phonetics of the English Language.
  • SKILL – Intonation and Accent in English Language.
  • SKILL – Teaching Techniques for Advanced Stages, Basic and Intermediate.
  • SKILL – Annual Training for coordinators in accordance with the PCN’s.
  • UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI – KANSAS CITY – Upper English Language Certificate. English Language Proficiency.
  • UNISO – 2a. English Language Proficiency.
  • INSTITUTO UNIVERSAL BRASILEIRO – Artistic Design and Advertising.
  • REAL TIME IDIOMAS - Training the pedagogical coordinators.
  • UNISO – Master in Communication and Culture.

Conferences and Lectures

  • Editora SBS – Mediatrix of online lectures and chats: The use of the dictionary in the classroom, Methods for correction in the classroom.
  • SABER 2006 – Teaching less to learn more.
  • SABER 2007 – O saber e o viver hoje - The school as a foundation of ethics and citizenship.
  • UNISAL – Meeting of Salesian pedagogy.
  • UNISO – Communication Workshop – Visual Fetishisms between Body and Metropolis.
  • UNISO - I Regional Media Congress, communication and culture – exhibiting the artwork "As razões da perfeição estética".
  • PUC Minas – Compós 2009 – Literature and Aesthetics.
  • Anhnaguera Faculty – Week of Letters 2011 – Aesthetics Languages.
  • FUNDEC – Week of the Writer, 2012 – The Interpretation of Contemporary Art.

Nu em Fragmentos.

Professional History

  • UFSCAR – Sorocaba – English Teacher.
  • ANHANGUERA FACULTY – Sorocaba – Professor of Literature of England and the United States – from August 2010.
  • SALESIAN COLLEGE – Sorocaba – Professor of English Language of EF I and EM (Advanced) – From January 2006.
  • VERITAS COLLEGE – Sorocaba – Professor of Literature and Writing and Text – from January 2006.
  • NOVO MUNDO SCHOOL – Sorocaba – Professor of English Language and Portuguese Language – from January 2005.
  • APICE SCHOOL – Professor of English and Portuguese – January 2004.
  • ENGLISH POINT – Owner and director – from February 2003.
  • REAL TIME LANGUAGES – English Teacher and Coordinator – from August 2002.
  • FISK SCHOOLS – Professor of English Language since February 2002 (All levels).
  • SKILL Language School – from February 1996. Professor of English Language courses for children, of Basic Training, Advanced and Intermediate, and School´s Coordination.
  • EESG “Dr. José Pereira de Queirós” – Of 20.06.91 to 20.12.92 – Professor of English Language, Portuguese and Literature.
  • NOBEL MARCAS E PATENTES S/C LTDA – of 08.10.90 to 12.06.91 - Bilingual Secretary.
  • ATENEU RUY BARBOSA SCHOOL – de 30.08.90 to 10.11.90 – Portuguese Language Teacher, English Language, Literature and Writing Techniques, nightly period.
  • FISK SCHOOLS – of 05.90 to 12.90 – Professor of English Language of Intermediates Stages.
  • CONFAB INDUSTRIAL S.A. – Of 03.10.88 to 06.06.90 – Bilingual Secretary of Industry Management of Contract and Paper.
  • – Of 06.10.86 to 03.10.88 – Secretary of the Foreign Exchange Department.
  • – Of 05.09.85 to 06.10.86 – Office Assistant of Department of Treasury.
  • HALL OF SÃO PAULO – of 21.07.82 to 30.12.84 – Administrative Assistant.
  • PROPEPACK EMBALAGENS PLÁSTICAS LTDA – of 09.81 to 03.82 – Office Assistant.


Duas Telas: Outono sobre a Torre Eiffel e Verão sobre a Torre Eiffel.
See All the ArtWorks of the Visual Artist in Exhibition at the Virtual Gallery.


SorocabaSão Paulo
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E-mail: rosangelavig@hotmail.com



  1. Rosangela Araujo 🙂

  2. was wonderful, very good indeed, congratulations Tony, was very good even, I will share now and start writing, I?

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  4. Ola Rosangela Araujo!! Glad you liked it!!!! 🙂

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  8. Good morning Rosangela!
    His works are really beautiful and have class with you made me arouse a feeling and a will that always had but never followed, I will try to follow what is draw and paint because it is a journey is a turn off from this world and meet at some place unreachable for many problems!
    Bjos love their classes!
    Evelyn – Pvt 2nd night without. RH.

    • Oi Evelyn,
      Glad to hear it. Is that you are a very sensitive person and also the Art woke him something very good. Never give up your dreams. They are bringing joy to life. And this class is wonderful!!!

    • Hi Evelyn good to know that you liked. The Art inspires us and even brings us much happiness. By it we express ourselves and put thoughts and ideas. The human being is expressed through various forms of art. That's why it makes us so well. Never leave your ideas and your dreams. Follow the path that leads to happiness.

  9. Hello Rosangela, I'm here admiring your beautiful works…I'm flattered for being your student, knowing your arts are gaining the Brazil and soon will be making the world! Happy birthday linda for your talent and love of art.

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