Rudi Nicks

Rudi Nicks é Artista Plástico.

Rudi Nicks is an artist.

Rudi Nicks

Rudi Nicks, (born in Diadema, São Paulo, Brasil, 09 September 1969), is a Brazilian painter and draftsman. He began his career at 17 years as an apprentice draughtsman in the Office of the former. Mayor of São Paulo, José Carlos de Figueiredo Ferraz, a year later he received his first professional registration as technical Designer.

He worked for years developing technical drawings and detailing construction projects, fulfilling an agenda quite often little artistic and technical.

Until the opportunity to illustrate the daily life of construction sites, outlining the day workers ' day, offsets of machinery and equipment, steps of installation of structures and these illustrations began to be used in terms of technical proposals, very common item in public and private bids.

And it was through this practice routine to illustrate the activities and professional in your daily life that Rudi Nicks decided to log onto his canvases fairly peculiar his impressions of technological advances, the consequences on workers, activities that no longer exist, the challenges and changes in the professions and finally Rudi Nicks realized that when addressing a topic so vast and noble and that if I could register it daily hardly exhaust issue during a life.

The use of vibrant colors on most fabrics and paintings aims to brighten up and add value to this ancient stand out while human activity called work and its practitioners.

Currently Rudi Nicks live in São Paulo in this universe of professions and professionals seeking ideas for their next jobs, stand by!

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  1. Frederick Ferrari

    The Brazil has great artists and you Rudi Nicks came to sum, enrich and diversify this national art scene, its simple and unprecedented proposal to portray occupations just somehow reaching and honoring all of us workers.

  2. Not lacking imagination and creativity. Design very well and uses a very balanced colors. Like much of their “stories” painted. Congratulations.
    Samra, Portugal.

  3. As you say…
    Art is the product of the relationship between the artist and his imagination.
    So I ask you to continue wondering and sharing!

  4. As you say…
    Art is the product of the relationship between the artist and his imagination.
    I ask that you keep imagining and sharing.

  5. Thanks to all of the site works of art for the excellent work of dissemination and support to artists, We really appreciate this space for art and culture!

  6. Art is the product of the relationship between the artist and his imagination.

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