Ruth Cardoso

Rute Cardoso é Artista Plástica.

Ruth Cardoso is an artist.

Ruth Cardoso

I'm Ruth Cardoso da Silva, I have 43 years, I was born in Santa Catarina Chapecó was registered in Curitiba Paraná, a good part of my childhood I lived in the city of Campo Largo. At the age of nine I came to live in Santa Catarina, where I am until today.

I am self-taught, I've longed to improve my art and my writing, studying and observing. With creativity and love share my world between the art of writing and art of painting. For each project there is a feeling and takes a bit of my soul. When I create a work night becomes small and the day ends early. My eyes penetrate the colors and sometimes go crazy a little, because sanity too much is bad for soul. Every piece I create takes a bit of my smile, take my concepts. Also has some dreams and thoughts. For each work has terminated the happiness because I am very happy to do what I love. Each breath of life I see the art and feel stuck in my soul like air I breathe.

In my works there are no rules let run free like working with different techniques I'm eclectic in themes, don't follow standards. Always seek to learn and improve. I also do sculpture, as well as my writing and my art in the sculpture screen is part free in my mind. I as an artist I'm insane health mix. Don't cling to concepts I'm free to do everything my way.

Don't bother making fame, My only concern is to be happy with what I do!

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St. Joseph – Santa Catarina
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