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“Learn how to give a & #8216; up’ in your home decor!” by Jessica Tan

Jessica Theodoro é Designer de Interiores.

Jessica Tan is Interior Designer.

There are several ways to get an upgrade in your home decor!


Everything in a simple way to make the environment more cozy and, the best of all: Leaving with your man!


Check out these 3 Tips!


1- Frames

Can be paintings, photographs, sketches and drawings of the children. Look good in any environment and have several ways to apply them.

Projeto: PKB Arquitetura.

Project: PKB Architecture.

Projeto: Priscila D' Attilio e Foto: Mariana Orsi.

Project: Priscilla D’ Attilio and Photo: Mariana Orsi.

Projeto: Celina Molinari – Arquitetura e Interiores.

Project: Celina Molinari-architecture and Interiors.

2- Pillows

The cushions can give a new look to your couch, bed, armchair or a reading environment.

Foto: Pinterest.

Photo: Pinterest.

Foto: Morando sem Grana.

Photo: Living without Money.

3- Plants

Finally, but no less important: the plants! They give more life to the environment and renew the energy of the House.

Foto: Histórias de Casa/Gisele Rampazzo.

Photo: Stories of home/Gisele Rampazzo.

Foto: Histórias de Casa.

Photo: Stories from home.

Foto: Catraca Livre/enfeites-jardim.

Photo: Free ratchet/ornaments-garden.



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