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Culture Room Leila Diniz brings exhibition on utopia

The artists Carlos Valencia and Valencia in Luciane
invite for a swim between parallel worlds

Convite Exposição OuTopos. Foto: Divulgação.

Invitation Exhibition OuTopos. Photo: Disclosure.

Utopia is the ideal civilization idea, fantastic and imaginary. A system or plan that appears unrealizable, a costume, a daydream, an illusion, a dream. Carlos and Luciane Valença It proposed a parallel between reality and possible worlds, existing in the collective imagination and in particular dreams of each of us.

Greek "or + topos" which means "place that does not exist", the brothers established the starting point for the construction of Outopos exposure, specially designed, for the commemoration of 6 years of Valencia Atelier Foundation & Arts. A dip in parallel worlds, different from each, finding convergence in art and search for the ideal of each one of us. Changing from one timeline to another, thus living several lives, choices, relations, from a single existence.

Outopos is the record that we must dream. That the dreams, We started building roads, stories, lives. And the result of these achievements, interfere in all our connections. Come travel through figures and abstractions from the day 7 November to 9 of december, the Leila Diniz Culture Room, at other times received solo exhibitions of two artists.


OuTopos exposure
Date: 07/11/2016 to 9/12/2016
Schedule: Mon to Fri, 10h às 17h
Local: Culture room Leila Diniz
Address: Culture room Leila Diniz, Rua Heitor Carrilho, nº 81 - Center of Niterói / RJ

Free entrance.

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