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Art salon curated by Morella Jurado

The City of Britânia, in Goiás, with little more than 5 thousand inhabitants, opens on 06 October 2020 at 19h the 2º MABRI Small Art Exhibition, at the Britânia Art Museum / Mabri, totally Online curated by Morella Jurado.

The project was awarded at the Art and Culture Fund 2018 and with the biggest prize in Brazil in the amount of R $ 55.000,00. Changing the format, before in person, was authorized by the Goiás Department of Culture, due to the coronavirus pandemic, given the impossibility of carrying out the face-to-face activities.

In the program of the 2nd Art Salon in Small Formats by Mabri, it is planned, courses with certificate issuance, lives with artists, lectures, guided tour with the curator of the show and much more. Remembering that all activities will be online.

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In a thematic division, the show features 03 subtopics. Me with me, the mask and the power. While they are distinct, they intertwine in order to report current reflections, social problems that are present in everyday life that will be presented through art and will generate an approximation and immediate identification with the visitor, including interactive activities on the platform for visitors.

Are 28 works exhibited among them, performance, mixed media, drawing, object, that were created by artists from all over Brazil and selected from almost 2000 registered. Among those selected are artists from Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Pernambuco, Goiás, Minas Gerais, Brasilia, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, Alagoas, Bahia, Amapá, Santa Catarina and DF.

“Twenty-five souls, united by the bond of creative effort, call us today, in this strange time, to discern, from the poetic image, the here and now. It was not easy to gather and unravel the complex emotional elements that each of these artists gives us in this exhibition. The subject is, in yourself, nothing light. But it is very revealing. Pandemic moments, we would say it's the central plot, that brings together this group of wonderful artists. We are sure that this initiative already has a place in the history of the arts worldwide.

We have nothing left but to invite them to prepare for the blunt, for the sublime and for the sinister ”thus defines curator Morella Jurado.

The exhibition has a whole structure of accessibility on the platform to serve people with special needs such as: Auto-contrast feature for low vision; audio description of works for blind people; avatar converter of texts from portuguese to pounds!

About Curator Morella Jurado

Curator of the Venezuelan pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale, breeder of the Biennial of the South of Venezuela, has already directed the Alejandro Otero Museum, in Caracas and was Director of Iartes, in addition to numerous other curatorships, among them, One Body, Contemporary art in the Mercosur countries, at the Cultural Box of Rio de Janeiro and Museum of Contemporary Art of Goiás.

About Mabri

Opened in December 2009, the Britânia Art Museum arose from the initiative of artists Waldomiro de Deus and GERSON Fogaça, who committed themselves to the formation of their collection, looking for artists willing to collaborate with the difficult mission of creating a museum in a city, in the interior of Brazil, with a population of just over 5000 (five thousand) inhabitants.

The idea was camped by the gallery owner, journalist and writer PX Silveira who donated more than 100 works from his private collection and by Cleuza Luiz de Assunção, at the time, Mayor of the municipality of Britânia / GO.

The British Museum of Art's main objective is to bring together, house and exhibit works of art; support, stimulate and spread artistic creation.

MABRI is a small large museum with a mission to expand artistic horizons. It has a collection of about 200 works, of various techniques, covering a historical period between 1940 and 2014. From this collection, they're part, fundamental works for the understanding of modern and contemporary art from Goiás and Brazil.

About Accessibility

The main objective of the exhibition is to include. Thinking about it, the platform offers a special language to serve all visitors with special needs. Are they:

Auto Features – contrast for low vision; audio – description of works for blind people; avatar converter of texts from portuguese to pounds.

2º Salon Art in Small Formats by Mabri
From: 06/10/2020 until 31/12/2020
Visiting address: www.museu.io/sapf
Curator: Morella Jury
Indicative Classification: 12 years
Access for people with disabilities
Sponsorship: Promotion of Culture (Lei Goyazes).

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