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decompression rooms. Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels.

“decompression rooms: productivity through relaxation” by Jessica Tan

Jessica Theodoro é Designer de Interiores.

Jessica Tan is Interior Designer.

Heard decompression rooms? Currently, It trends and is one of the items that are increasingly present in enterprise architecture projects.

This concept began in the 90, in the United States, primarily in technology companies, and extended to the innovation sector as startups and communications, reaching the most traditional corporations.

What are decompression rooms?

decompression rooms are spaces within companies, where employees have the possibility to eat, rest, make a break, relax and unwind. As our everyday life is becoming faster and with increased pressure at work, are the more likely employees suffer stress as a result medical clearance. This environment was found one solution to create relaxation for employees, and consequently, generate more productivity at work, as well as greater physical and mental well-being.

how to design?

To design a decompression room you must know the client's business type and how the company sees the decompression room, both in terms of organizational culture as the available space, as well as the type of decoration and activities developed there. Every moment of rest and relaxation employee for a company, It may not be for another. The greatest care is to define the environment without taking the focus of work.

This room will be a relaxed but as a working extension, shall transmit creativity and at the same time be an environment for integration of employees, possible meetings and should be a separate environment, not to disrupt other employees who continue to work at their posts.

Want to know how to build a more collaborative space.

how to decorate?

Clarified these issues, we can think of decorating the space as a whole. Therefore, bet in environments with bright colors, sofas with different design, ergonomic chairs and beanbags scattered on the ground. Some elements leave their more relaxed decompression room:

  • Tv;
  • books and magazines;
  • minibar;
  • snack machine;
  • differentiated benches;
  • lounges and entertainment.

If your business needs a space of these? Contact us and find out how to improve productivity from the relaxation!

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