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Samba gets thematic exhibition with the Entreartes collective

Samba is honored in the new exhibition by the Entreartes collective, that will be open days 10 and 12 August, in the Carlos Couto Room, next to the Municipal Theater of Niterói, RJ. Bia Torres, Cesar Coelho Garcia, Lia Berbert, Renata Barreto, Rudi Sgarbi and Wil Catarina will show work inspired by the rhythm, in “Samba in the soul, samba no foot”, which has free admission and goes to 28 September.

“We challenge artists to translate, each one through their poetics, a little of that spirit, who talks a lot about miscegenation, of integration and resistance that are characteristic of our country. They were invited to think about how to translate our cultural heritage that is so happy and so Brazilian", explains the curator of the exhibition, Ana Schieck.

If Bia Torres paints the elegance of the samba dancer in the tambourine marking in life size, Cesar Coelho Gomes throws light and gives new contours to the musicians that rock the rhythm. In turn, Lia Berbert pulls verses from songs registered in her memory to put floral drawings on the wheel, organic and geometric shapes, honoring classics such as “Trem das eleven”.

In exhibition, Renata Barreto traces the history of Brazilian music and the African influence with embroidery, in Rio and Bahia. She names “Mulheres no samba” the series of paintings that make the connection with ancestry and female strength, in colors and dance moves.

Clementina de Jesus, Adoniran Barbosa, Cartola and Donga receive the bow of Rudi Sgarbi. He uses digital interference and a touch of blue watercolor to highlight the importance of masters at the altar of composers.. Artist Wil Catarina, on the other hand, portrays themes that are also the face of samba, like feijoada, the guitar, the dancer and the carioca Pedra do Sal, birthplace of the first musical encounters.

“Samba in the soul, samba no pé” is the 12th edition of Entreartes – Coletivo de Arte. Conceived by cultural producer Cacau Dias, the project values ​​local artists and was covered by the Municipal Law for Incentive to Culture (lei 3182/15). The Hospital Complex of Niterói (CHN) supports the work of the collective, being the promoter of the four editions contemplated by the notice. The exhibition can be visited until 28 September, with samba in the soul and also in the foot.

Opening of the exhibition: 10 August, the 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.
Visitation: from 12 from August to 28 September, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 10:00 to 4:00 pm.
Local: Carlos Couto Room – Rua Quinze de Novembro, 35 – Center, Niterói – RJ.

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