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Samba Luzia receives Aline Calixto. Photo: Disclosure.

Samba Luzia receives Aline Calixto this Friday

The singer revelation of samba launches its album ' My Ziriguidum ' , in roda de samba, in Rio de Janeiro

This Friday, day 20/11, who will command the Samba Luzia and let him even more special is to Aline Calixto. Singer/songwriter, owner of one of the most beautiful voices of the new generation of samba, arrives in Rio de Janeiro for the release of their new album “My Ziriguidum”, in roda de samba. The mining brings in the Repertoire, cover versions of hits such as “Papo de Samba”, “Tale of Sand” and “Legends of Mata”, In addition to songs and of great composers, such as, Arlindo Cruz, Moacyr Luz and Serginho Beagá. To close with a flourish, Aline will receive the Group Ahmed to leave this roda de samba even more special. The group that was born in 2005 in Vila Isabel, Bohemian neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro promises to shake up the evening with a long root samba alongside Aline Calixto.

Aline Calixto. Photo: Disclosure.

Aline Calixto. Photo: Disclosure.

More about Cultural Sonata

The Sonata is a Cultural producer and Manager of shows, focused on the development of culture through the preservation and development of Brazilian popular music. The company has already held events with some of the biggest names in samba, such as, Arlindo Cruz, Jorge Aragão, Almir Guineto, Xande pillars, Fundo de Quintal, and stood out for being the only independent producer to hold an event with the godmother Beth Carvalho in commemoration of their 50 year career.

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The company is part of the Cultural Group Sonata Sonata, formed also by Sonata Copyrights, company providing advisory services and licensing of copyright sound recordings to digital distribution.


Date: 20/11/2015
Local: Samba Luzia (Avenida Almirante Silvio de Noronha, 300 – Center – RJ)
Time: 22h
Value of admission: $ 25 (anticipated)
Advance sales:
– Rat's Alley (S. Joaquim Silva, 11 – Center)
– Cornish Game Hen Sats (S. Barata Ribeiro, 7 – D – Copacabana)



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