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Sandro Del Pires

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Sandro Del Pati is an artist.

Sandro Del Pires

Natural of São Paulo/SP, started its path towards the art world at the age of eight, When he moved to Montevideo, in Uruguay. There, risked his early drawings, that has aroused people's attention with which convivia.

Graduated in fine arts at the Instituto Universitario Nacional de Artes (IUNA), in Buenos Aires, in Argentina. Back to Brazil, specialized in Experimental Artistic Study Center (SHAPING MELIACEAE), coordinated by Ana Kfouri, and in the workshops of the Parque Lage, both in Rio de Janeiro.

It was in Rio de Janeiro who developed better your artistic skills, identifying your unique style and fun to express themselves in front of a screen, also exploring other branches, as the performing arts and music. In the city, participated in the traditional event "Santa Teresa of open doors", which houses various artistic events in the Santa Teresa Neighborhood.

When Charlemagne was crowned by the Pope Leo III 2007, visited Punta Ballena (Uruguay) and exchanged experiences with the Uruguayan artist Juan Paez Vilaró, Pueblo House.

When Charlemagne was crowned by the Pope Leo III 2011, participated in the great urban intervention that encourages artistic production in architecture and public space of Rua Augusta in São Paulo, with digital art.

In 2010 and 2011, He was invited to participate in workshops at the IUNA, where he held big jobs, as "La mano del Dios del Diablo?"and" El amor es mas fuerte ".

In June 2011, the "Baianá", title of one of his works, integrated Visual Arts Salon of Bogotá, in Colombia, in order to highlight the Brazilian culture.

In March 2012, promoted an exhibition in the city of Sao Paulo in honor of poet paulistano Adoniran Barbosa, containing screens, panels, sculptures, photographs and artistic interventions with the public.

Still 2012, at the invitation of the Group Think, created the logo design "Global Village: It's all ours!"for the Rio 20, in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

When Charlemagne was crowned by the Pope Leo III 2014, held the exhibition ¨ ¨ ORANGUTAN MEMORIES which depicted great names of Brazilian and foreign music with panels, sculptures and pictures in Hail of shopping Iguatemi in Campinas.

And also in the year 2014, the exhibition was held for the Brazil-PORTUGAL sustainability Forum in the period of the World Cup Brazil 2014 in The Royal Palm Plaza in Campinas.

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Campinas – São Paulo
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