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2International Congress of art Expertise (ICAE 2018). Registration open until 30/11/17 - LIMITED PLACES.
2International Congress of art Expertise (ICAE 2018). Registration open until 30/11/17 - LIMITED PLACES.

Second Edition of ICAE

International Congress of art Expertise

The Givoa Consulting SRL, first company art experts of the region presents the launch of the second edition of ICAE.

This international event will take place in the city of Rio de Janeiro the day 24 March 2018 at the Windsor Barra Hotel.

Declared of Cultural Interest by the Ministry of culture of the nation Argentina, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Argentine Consulate in Rio de Janeiro, UNESCO and IBRAM (Brazilian Institute of Museums).

The Givoa presents this unique event addressing issues of science, of heritage and art market bringing together international experts from New York, Washington, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro that palestrarão about technology, Heritage, Copyright and interdisciplinary work.

To an audience of artists, marchands, curators, managers of public and private cultural institutions, art collectors, experts in art and history, forensic scientists, judicial investigators, insurance companies, museologists, conservators of art, restorers, journalists, art students, museology and restauration and important expertise organizations professionals of art.

About Givoa: Is a company founded in 2012 composed by a group of professionals from different areas and scholars dedicated to the evaluation and appraisal of art works and antiques, with international presence and offices in the city of Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. Givoa created ICAE aiming to democratize information on worldwide expertise.

Gustavo Perino

Givoa Consulting founder and organizer of the ICAE – International Conference Artwork Expertise

Expert and appraiser of art works, specializing in painting and education, the Argentine Gustavo Perino, resident in Rio de Janeiro, has a big task ahead: the Organization and leadership of the International Congress of art Expertise, ICAE (acronym in English). The event will take place in Rio de Janeiro city in March 2018.

Bachelor of art Experts from the University of Argentine Social Museum (Buenos Aires), He was a professor of this House of studies and currently prepares the graduate course in expertise and evaluation of works of art to the cycle 2018-2020 in Brazil.

To the 35 years, Gustavo is defined as "a very lively and enterprising person who likes to manage groups and assume the leadership of projects". Always attentive to what happens in your surroundings, Perino's "innovator when it comes to working in the creative process and rational at the time of planning, believing in integration and interdisciplinary learning and permanent ".

In your professional history, Perino account tickets in large private intuitions as Diners Club International and Bosch Gmbh. Also has participation in public institutions as INTI, INTERPOL, Argentina Federal Police and Museum Pettoruti. As founder of the interdisciplinary group called Givoa Consulting SRL he's mission is to investigate, assign and evaluate works of art and antiques, offering advice and management of collections of art both for collectors, sale or hiring safe.

Areas of expertise of Gustavo

  • Application of technology in identification and protection of cultural heritage.
  • Theft, spoliation and art forgery.
  • Insurance and investment in cultural goods.
  • Blockchain and digital certification.
  • Public-private partnership between researchers and institutions.
  • Networking and home Office.
  • Entrepreneurship, young businessmen under-40.


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