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Memorial of Curitiba. Photo: Disclosure.

Seminar debate legislation and cultural heritage protection

Seminar debate legislation and cultural heritage protection

The Curitiba Cultural Foundation promotes next Monday (31), the London Auditorium, Curitiba Memorial, the seminar and heritage Legislation. The event intends to put into discussion important aspects of the draft law of Cultural Heritage Protection forwarded to the City Council of Curitiba in January this year.

Among the topics that will be discussed by experts invited are the preservation of the urban heritage, tipping in the municipal sphere and the management of historical sites. Entries are free and should be made by email seminariodepatrimonio@fcc.curitiba.pr.gov.br.


The proposal of the law on Protection of the Cultural patrimony of Curitiba, that clears at City Hall, among other things creates fiscal instruments that will allow for the preservation of cultural heritage, How to use constructive heritage, It can be renewed every 15 years, upon satisfactory preservation or presentation of Charter of restoration of property of cultural value, or architectural history.

Other preservation incentives are the reduction of property tax and Urban Territorial Property (PROPERTY TAX), the framework law of incentive to culture and partnerships between public authorities and the private sector. Still creates the Municipal Council of Cultural Heritage and establishing the Cultural Heritage Protection Fund (Funpac).

Approximately 600 buildings are today considered of interest and preservation would be framed with the approval of the law.

In the project, prepared by teams of Research and urban planning Institute of Curitiba (Ippuc), The Cultural Foundation of Curitiba, Municipal Secretary of urban development and Attorney General of the Municipality, are regulated instruments of cultural heritage protection, including the inventory, the tipping, registration and surveillance.

In the project, are supervisory rules, administrative procedure and penalties to give effective compliance and monitoring conditions of the preservation measures provided for. The focus is on awareness of the importance of heritage protection, creating shared control in supervision with the collaboration of the population through the Municipal Council of Cultural Heritage.

The proposal also creates the so-called alternative measures for law enforcement, as the possibility of the presentation of the work plan by the owner of the well protected, granting him deadline for further restoration in the event of imminent financial difficulty.


Date: 31 August
Local: London Theatre-Curitiba Memorial
Information: 3321-3223/ 3321-3295
Inscriptions: seminariodepatrimonio@fcc.curitiba.pr.gov.br


14h - Abertura

Urban Cultural heritage preservation: new perspectives with the status of Cities
Prof. Dr. Sonia Rabello de Castro
Teacher of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy (Mass. USA), and professional master's program of the IPHAN/PEP. President of FAM-RIVER-Federation of associations of inhabitants of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Rollovers in the municipal sphere: protecting social experiences plurals
Prof. Dr. Paulo Cesar Garces Maher at the Museu Paulista USP and post-graduate programmes in museology and in architecture and urbanism at USP

Management of historic sites-contemporary challenges and collective responsibility
Prof. Dr. Natalia Miranda Vieira-of-Araújo Coordinator professional master's in architecture, And Environment DARQ-PPGAU-UFRN
Coordination and Mediation: Prof. Dr. Maria da Graça Rodrigues Santos – Coordinator of the course of architecture and urbanism, SET-UP


  1. Seminar debate legislation and cultural heritage protection

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  2. Seminar debate legislation and cultural heritage protection


  3. O evento pretende colocar em discussão importantes aspectos da proposta de Lei de Proteção ao Patrimônio Culturalhttp://t.co/lXSBM5i5C1

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