Sena Naymaier

Sena Naymaier é Artista Plástico.

Sanchez's Artist Naymaier.

Sena Naymaier

Brazil, married, resident municipality of Candelaria – RS.

Formation, former employee of the State Secretary of Culture, journalist media relations cultural register under no. 1040 cultural producer area of Visual Arts Photography, painting, film and video collection and cultural heritage. Professional registration Ministry of labour no. 330 movie reporter.

Photographer Criminalist ticket tenders in 1976 post photographer Criminalist Police Academy. Year 1993 photographic survey of the Park General Bento Gonçalves city of Crystal – RS. Historical heritage of Rio Grande do Sul. Cultural Museum of the Coal project municipality Arroio dos Ratos. Catering and administrative organisation of the acquis and historical documents of the coal Museum, municipality of Arroio dos Ratos. I Shows the Coal Region Arts Museum of coal Arroio dos Ratos – RS 1998. Participation of Danube Gonçalves.


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Candelaria – Rio Grande do Sul
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