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Eduardo Ventura - Ladeira do Barroso - Gamboa 50x60cm. Photo: Daniel Ventura.

Neba gallery presents the exhibition with works by Eduardo Ventura

Individual "Rio de Janeiro – Improbable landscapes "in sign up 30 April

The Neba Gallery opens next Saturday (19 March), às 14h, in the center of Rio de Janeiro, the exhibition "Rio de Janeiro – Improbable landscapes "of the artist Eduardo Ventura. The individual – you have free admission – is playing up 30 April, from Tuesday to Friday, from 11:00 to 7:00 pm and Saturday from 11:00 to 6:00 pm. The Gallery is located at Rua do Rosario, nº 38.

Ventura constructs with quick gestures a pictorial inventory of "improbable Landscapes", against the grain of enticing tourist scenes of the river, suggesting even before the aesthetic delight, a reflection or a moment of silence. In the series, the wonderful city presents empty, with possibility poetic narrative/fill. The human is replaced by shy vehicles that seem to circulate without drivers.

The art critic and independent curator, Renata Gesomino, signs the text shows. According to Professor. Dra. The Department of history and theory of art and the Department of Art Education and Popular culture of the IART-UERJ, "The images suggest a meditative immobility. There is a delicate sense of loneliness that invades the artificiality squalid architectural sets. The real protagonists are the streets, the slopes, the avenues, the high, the viaducts, the sleepers and crossings with their souls dimmed. These are also some of the unlikely and improbable landscapes that Ventura ressignifica to enable the construction of new Visual narratives using materiality to acrylic paint, and, nimbly manipulating different types of spatulas that create lines and amazing depth, In addition to a harmonious and smooth contrast, among the numerous overlapping layers of light and shadow, eliminating the use of brushes ", Enumerates.

To compose the screens the artist tooled as the Google Maps to investigate numerous streets and neighborhoods more unknown access, selecting angles, luminosity, atmosphere, etc.., as on the screens "Street Ipojuca, Penha ", "The game of Street Ball, Health ", "Slope of Barroso, Gamboa ", "Street Waldemar Dutra, Santo Cristo ", "Rua Bela, St. Christopher ", or in big way as captured snippets on the screen "Av. Brasil, Manguinhos ", "Red line, St. Christopher "and" Travessa Silva Baião, Santo Cristo ", suggesting subtly intrinsic character and history, sometimes, dark of the soul of the streets of Rio.

Renata concludes that in "times of (des)(Re)construction of the city remodeling, reaffirms and undoes, Mutant ensimesmada, the improbable landscapes of Ventura lead us towards an imaginary pilgrimage of the senses. The walk along the subjective pictorial landscape offered, as in the Impressionist and post-Impressionists landscapes, is done sideways, a quick swipe of the vision that follows the fast and precise gesture of the artist. The soul of the streets, and the hidden poetic meaning of unlikely landscapes linger in memory reinventing scenarios and narratives. The way it's done walking with your eyes ", Gesomino says.

Exhibition: Rio de Janeiro – Improbable Landscapes, by Eduardo Ventura
Local: Neba Gallery
Address: Rua do Rosario, 38 - Center
Phone: (21) 2263-7353
Opening: 19 March, a partir the 14h
Closure: 30 April
Time: from Tuesday to Friday, from 11:00 to 7:00 pm and Saturdays from 11:00 to 6:00 pm


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