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works Emojis. Photo: Ricardo Carvalheiro.

Shopping Eldorado receives the 1st edition of Happy Art Parade

Sculptures that bring the famous emoji will be exposed until the day 10 October

São Paulo, September 2018 - Since today, day 25 September, the Brazilians will check closely the 60 works forming part of 1Edition of Happy Art Parade, exhibition supported by the Ministry of Culture and by Colgate. The show, It is offering to the public an interpretation of the sense of joy, adding art and culture to the city, will remain in the shopping center until the day 10 October.

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The exhibition invites everyone to share their reactions and merges artistic expression with technological language. Artists like Antonio Peticov, Claudio Cupertino, Glauco Diogenes, Binho Ribeiro, Fernanda Eva, "Fake", Sergio Henrique "Snacks", Nando was, Anderson "Hope" as well as personalities like Ticiane Pinheiro and digital influencers as Maddu Magalhães and Ana Paula Xongani, sign parts of 1m diameter x 1.70 m.

Soon after the exposure period at the mall, the sculptures that bring the happy faces of emoji will be forwarded to the event of the shed where they will remain until the auction, What happens on the day 23 October, a partir the 19h, Artifact in the store, in America Garden. Just as in the editions of the famous CowParade, the Happy Art Parade parts will also be auctioned and the income intended for charities. However, the initial bids may already be given on the site www.happyartparade.com.br.

1Edition Happy Art Parade
Period: from 25 September to 10 October
Local: Shopping Eldorado (Av. Raheem, 3970 – Pine trees)
Time: Monday to Sunday from 10h to 22h
(11) 2197-7800 www.shoppingeldorado.com.br


Sobre a Toptrends

The Toptrends is a reference company in performing street art projects through various roadshows. Licensing holds the CowParade Holding and the right to make the Brazilian version of the world's street art event, the Toptrends has won the Brazilian market with its expertise in the development of cultural marketing projects. Since 2005, already held 10 editions of CowParade in Brazil. Also produced several traveling exhibitions across the country as Rinomania, an exhibition of rhinos decorated to celebrate the 60 years of Duratex; a Call Parade, that turned 100 public telephones in the capital city in an original support for works of art at the request of Telefonica / Vivo; a Big Heart Parade, which brought together 78 custom hearts by renowned architects CASACOR 2013; and Monica Parade, that honored, in 2014, the 50 years of character, leading 50 sculptures on the streets of Sao Paulo, result of a partnership between the Panini and Mauricio de Sousa Productions.

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