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Sidail Caesar. Photo: Shigueo Murakami.

Sidail Caesar throws the heart at the Teatro do Batuque Armory

The theatre of the Armory receives on Friday (27) and on Saturday (28), at 8:0 pm, the CD release show "on Heart Beat" of the musician and composer Sidail Caesar, with Roberto Prado lyrics. The presentations will have the participation of Carlos Careqa, Eliane Bah, Cida Airam, Oswaldo Rios, Melina Mulazani, Sérgio Justen, Walmor Góes, Caesar Matoso, João Luis Charmak, Jonas Cella,Clayton Rao. Renan Bragatto, Otto Lenon, João Luis Rodrigues, Adriano Sátiro and rely on the general direction of Afonso Marques. O álbum foi viabilizado pela Lei de Incentio à Cultura da Fundação Cultural e Prefeitura de Curitiba.

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Sidail Caesar performed several shows in Curitiba since years 1980. Recorded in 1997 the CD "no more Cry", in 1999 the CD "Partnership", with Ronald Magalhães, in 2004, the CD "at the Cine Maraba", in 2011. Participated in the "Brazil in 4 While ", organized by Ronald Magalhães, in which Eliane Bah and Luci Pinheiro interpreted songs of his own and Mauricio Shah. In 2013 released a compilation of all their cries on the CD "cut Light".

Roberto Prado's poet, journalist, publicist, writer and screenwriter. Composer with songs recorded by Maxixe Machine, Viola Quebrada, Tatára, Kiss the strength, Labia Pop, Beto Trinity, Sidail Caesar, Fact Group, Adriano Sátiro, Oswaldo Rios, Thadeu Wojciechowski, Carlos Careqa, Luiz Ferreira, Felipe Hirsch, among others. Had two songs included on the soundtrack of the feature film ' "heatstroke", by Felipe Hirsch and Daniela Thomas, with Paulo José, selected for the Venice International Film Festival/2009.

The Batuque the Heart, of Sidail Caesar

Date(a): 27/11/2015 to 28/11/2015 -Friday and Saturday
Time: 20h
Local: Paiol theater
Address: Guido Viaro Square, s/n º-Prado Velho

Entrance: R$ 10,00 e R$ 5,00 -payment only in cash


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