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Silvio Pléticos

Silvio Pléticos é Artista Plástico.

Silvio Pléticos is an artist.

Silvio Pléticos

Born in Pula, Italy, Croatia's current, in 1924. Studied art in Milan 1940. The second world war made army Illustrator. After the war, he resumed his studies in Zagreb, between 1947 and 1954. In the same year he taught art education for children in elementary school in the town of Vodnjan and participated in the international children's art sample in France where one of the students got the second prize. In 1956 He taught at the experimental school of Fažana. In 1958 with the Jurčići school participated in the national children's art sample of Zagreb (Croatia) and received the invitation to join the group in the book about children's art.

In 1961, came to Brazil, settling in Ribeirão Preto (SP), where he was invited to teach drawing and painting in art school site and stayed there until 1965 (to form the class with which started). In this period he participated actively in the artistic life of the city with the “Creek Group”. In the same year because of the weather moved to Porto Alegre (RS). In the city attended the local art life. In 1966 taught a course in drawing and painting at the school of art of Passo Fundo (RS). In 1967, He moved to Florianopolis (SC), where went on to teach painting and drawing class at the Art Museum. Currently resides in San José (SC) in greater Florianópolis where he continues with his education and exhibition activity.


Silvio Pleticos is an artist and professor internationally recognized for his work. Your career can be described:

1950 – Zagreb (Yugoslavia) – Collective
1952 – Pula (Yugoslavia) – Collective
1954 – Pula (Yugoslavia) – Collective
1954 – Professor of fine arts, Applied Art, Yugoslavia
1954/59 – Professor of drawing and painting in the schools of Vodnjan, Fazana and Juršići-Yugoslavia
1961 – Individual Ribeirão Preto (SP)
1962/66 – Professor of drawing and painting at the Faculty of fine arts of Ribeirão Preto (SP)
1965 – International Biennial of São Paulo (SP)
1965 – First contemporary art saloon Campinas (SP)
1966 – Salon "Praça da Alfândega" Porto Alegre (RS)
1966 – Drawing and painting at the art school of Passo Fundo (RS)
1967 – Campinas SP – 3rd Contemporary Art Salon of Campinas, at the Museum of contemporary art José Pancetti
1967/72 – Responsible for drawing and painting courses of the Museu de Arte de Santa Catarina Florianopolis (SC)
1970 – First biennial of Visual Arts at UFRS Porto Alegre (RS)
1970 – Pré-Bienal de São Paulo at Fundação Bienal (SP)
1970 – In the modern art museum Florianopolis (SC)
1970 – Acu-Açu Blumenau Gallery Individual (SC)
1971 – Curitiba PR-28 Paranaense Salon, in the public library of Paraná (PR)
1972 – 2Biennial of Visual Arts of Porto Alegre (RS)
1972 – 29º Paranaense Salon, at the Teatro Guaíra Curitiba (PR)
1972 – Salon of plastic arts of the island of Santa Catarina Florianopolis (SC)
1972 – Sesquicentennial of Independence Hall Florianopolis (SC)
1972 – Plastic Art Salon of Santa Catarina (SAPISC) Florianópolis (SC)
1972 – National Biennial, São Paulo (SP)
1975 – “Salon Istria Nobility”, Trieste – Italy
1975 – Individual "Izlozbeni Salon" Pula (CR)
1975 – Acu-Açu Blumenau Gallery Individual (SC)
1976 – 4Biennial of Visual Arts of Porto Alegre (RS)
1976 – Individual “ARS Artis Gallery”, Florianópolis (SC)
1976 – Artists in Santa Catarina “Maison de France”, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
1976 – National Biennial, in the São Paulo Biennial Foundation (SC)
1977 – Individual in Gallery Victor Meirelles
1978 – Victor Meirelles Museum Florianopolis collective SC
1978 – Press Conference at Palazzo Costanzi Trieste (Italy)
1979 – Collective, in the Itajaí Valley Green Gallery (SC)
1979 – Collective, at the Villa Manin Of Passariano Udine (Italy)
1980 – Individual “Green Valley Gallery”, Itajai (SC)
1980 – Florianopolis SC – Seven great names of Brazilian Painting Florianópolis (SC)
1980 – Florianopolis SC – Collective, in the House of culture Florianópolis (SC)
1981 – Collective, Acu-Açu Gallery "Hall green tummy" Blumenau (SC)
1981 – Santa Catarina Art panorama – hors-concours Camboriú (SC)
1981 – 3th Shows Brazilian design – guest artist Curitiba (PR)
1981 – Hors Concours, at the press conference Pan art ’ Florianópolis (SC)
1981 – Individual “Studio of Arts”, Florianópolis (SC)
1982 – Individual “Max Stolz Galerie”, Florianópolis (SC)
1983 – “The Island Revisited”, Museu de Arte de Santa Catarina Florianopolis (SC)
1984 – Santa Catarina Art panorama Painting 84 (roving)
1985 – Art exhibition in the spring, Shopping Center Itaguaçu, Florianópolis (SC)
1986 – Individual Art Space Gallery, Florianópolis (SC)
1986 – In the Teatro Carlos Gomes, Blumenau 25 years of Brazil
1986 – Museu de Arte de Santa Catarina 25 years of Brazil
1987 – Artists In Santa Catarina, the Masc Florianópolis (SC)
1992 – 1º Arts City of Itajaí, in the House of Culture Dide Brandão Itajaí (SC)
1992 – Collective Modernity/Experimentalism, at the University of Sao
Paulo. Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto (SP)
1994 – Cultural Space Fernando Beck – BADESC, Florianópolis (SC)
1995 – Individual Art Space Acu-Açu Blumenau (SC)
1996 – Collective “The island in Buenos Aires”, Argentina
1997 – "Painting of Silvio Pléticos" cultural space Fernando Beck BADESC Florianópolis (SC)

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