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Simone de Queiroz Martins Barbosa

Simone de Queiroz Martins Barbosa é Artista Plástica.

Simone de Queiroz Martins Barbosa is a Visual Artist.

Simone de Queiroz Martins Barbosa

Born in 11/08/1988, in the city of Ji-Paraná – RO.

Discovered her talent still in kindergarten, when she made her first drawing, and was the object of admiration of the whole school! Since then she has developed her skills and at fourteen she made her first oil painting on canvas.

Today with 25 years performs artwork oil on canvas, painting beautiful landscapes fixed directly on walls, murals, human photographs by orders, artworks in graffiti and others. And her greatest passion and skill is to paint landscapes, human and animal figures, turned to realism.

This time, feels happy and grateful to God to be able to participate of this wonderful site and be able to share her artwork across the public as she enjoys this world of the arts.


Arte 1.

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E-mail: simone_queirozmt@hotmail.com



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