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Shows 8 Digits in Solar Art Gallery. Photo: Disclosure.

Solar Light boys stimulates, there is 10 years, young little Peacock peafowl and Cantagalo to produce art exhibitions

Students from the NGO inaugurate, Next week, the shows 8 Digits in Solar Art Gallery

There are 10 years the Solar Light boys NGO stimulates children and teenagers to produce art shows. Students participate in workshops taught by artists of the previous exhibition of Solar Art Gallery, create your works of art and create their own exhibitions, curated by artist Osvaldo Centeno.

"Every artist that exhibited in the gallery are invited to deliver a workshop students, with the same theme and technique of your own shows ", explains Yolanda Maltaroli, founder of Solar Light boys.

The exhibition of the young is a practice developed by Solar with the aim of bringing the children of the current artistic production in the country. Each has autonomy and central role in the creation and playback of your ideas. The students ' works are exposed in the Gallery of the Manor for about a month.

The art gallery is the first and only structured and curated Gallery shows annual calendar, situated in a community in Rio de Janeiro.

Exhibition 8 Digits

Between the days 7 November and 2 of december, Solar Art Gallery will receive exposure 8 Digits, curated by Osvaldo Centeno.

From a digital collage workshop given by Dalton Romão and Sonia Gil, Solar students Beatriz Souza, Caio Marques and Nawaz Birth, the 7th grade; Ariane Martis, Erik Alexander Pereira, Erik Lima and Lucas Oliveira, the 8th grade; and Luna Brena da Silva, the 9th grade, produced images according to your personality and expressiveness through techniques used in an image editing program.

The arts produced were worked by Dalton and Sonia for multiplication without losing the reflection made by each student in your creative process, forming the 8 digits that entitle the exhibition.

About Solar Light boys

Solar Light boys is a social organization, promoting integral education, Culture, sports, support for professionalization, basic health care and social assistance to families with higher level of destructuring of the Peacock communities-Communities and Cantagalo. The work has 33 years of existence and celebrated 25 years of Education Program in full 2016. The 400 children of 3 months before the 18 years of age remain in the nursery to high school Solar, joining universities and good jobs.

Exhibition 8 Digits
Curated by Osvaldo Centeno
Period: 7 November to 2 of december
Entrance: free
Visitation: from Monday to Friday: 09h to 6:00 pm – Saturdays: 09h to 1:00 pm
Phone: (21) 3202-6900

Address: Solar Art Gallery – Rua Saint Roman, 146, Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro, RJ.

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