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Solutions to the challenges of educating

Book has 22 Professional addressing different issues on education

Capa livro “O Desafio de Educar – O educar hoje!”. Divulgação.

Cover book "The Challenge of Educating - Educating today!”. Disclosure.

No child comes into the world with instruction manual. But it is possible to find solutions to the challenges that parents and teachers face on a daily basis. This is the book proposal “The Educate Challenge – The school today!”. Organized by coach and clinical psychologist Livia Marques, the work with the participation of 22 professionals in the health and education areas.

according Livia, the purpose of this study is to bring different issues and approaches within the context of education, such as, for example, autism, Deficit Disorder Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (TDAH), technological dependencies, the young man in graduation context, jugglers country, school management, among others.

The organizer explains that reading is directed to all people who live and work with children and adolescents. "That is, is for Dad, mom, grandmother grandfather, teacher, pediatrician all who deal with this audience ".

– In the book we explain to readers that there is a cake recipe for education. There is no single formula, but, activate, various opinions and judgments. We want to show that every home is a different reality. Each family is a distinct stage of life. – highlights.

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Book: The Educate Challenge – The school today!
Publisher: conquest Publisher
Pages: 232 pages
Price: R$ 50,00
Link to buy: Facebook / Psicologaliviamarques
Contact to buy: (21) 997136690


Lívia Marques. Foto: Divulgação.

Livia Marques. Photo: Disclosure.


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