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Sound of the city promotes week of jazz in the Kiosk of the Globe

Between the days 8 and 12 July, project gets five attractions
in free concerts on Copacabana beach

Glaucus Linx and Ancestry Future

Glaucus Linx and Ancestry Future.

Jazz will gain prominence in the musical programming of the globe Kiosk, in Copacabana, the next edition of City Sound - instrumental music project of the station that gives visibility to artists who make the soundtrack of Rio and Rio Grande. Between the days 8 and 12 July, the space will offer free performances of the bands Jazz Street, Allbrazz, Joel Ferreira &Trio featuring Donatinho, Bondesom and Glaucus Linx and Ancestry Future.

With unusual arrangements, Street Jazz quartet approaches the genre of public streets and turns on stage in performances around the city and in other states. The museum was created in 2012, Allbrazz the group has in its repertoire songs like On Green Dolphin Street, the Bronislaw Kaper, Little Sunflower, de Freddie Hubbard, e Beautiful Love, de Victor Young, Wayne King e Egbert Van Alstyne.

Joel and Donatinho JD Oliver

Joel and Donatinho JD Oliver.

Joel Ferreira plays the flute and saxophone and still leads a trio of musicians. With songs that go through various musical styles, Joel Ferreira & Trio presents a show that includes unforgettable classics of Jazz. "Sophisticated Instrumental" is like Bondesom sextet defines the work that shows a typical Brazilian jazz.

The group Glaucus Linx and Ancestry Future is also in the project schedule and presents an authorial repertoire and reinterpretations of classic jazz and blues, como Thelonious Monk, Wayne Shorter, Bill Evans, among others.

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Bondesom Rogerio Von Kruger

Bondesom Rogerio Von Kruger.

About the sound of the city:

The museum was created in 2014, the City Sound promoted performances at the Globe Kiosk (Copacabana), Washington square gazebo Luis (Sepetiba), Gazebo of Gamboa (Gamboa), Campo de São Bento (Niterói), Paquetá and Claudio de Souza square Gazebo (Ricardo de Albuquerque). Have been through the project the musicians Bruce Wayne and Alison, saxophonist Ronaldo Martins, the harmonica player Michael Arce, the violinist Luis Otávio Abreu, the pianist Glaucio Cristelo and free music bands, Raft, Sun Brunettes, El Samba Jazz and Miraculous Barca Velha, In addition to the duo Zé Canuto and Dino Rangel.

The second season, that started in may 2015, already featured the sound of Peace, the Beach Combers, Astro Venga and the group 3 Friends of the Northeast, in the Kiosk of the Globe and in train stations.

AllBrazz Disclosure

AllBrazz Disclosure.

Local: Globe kiosk (height of Muthiah, in Copacabana)


Attraction: Rua Jazz
Date: 08 July (Fourth)
Time: 19h

Attraction: Allbrazz
Date: 09 July (farm)
Time: 19h

Attraction: Joel Ferreira &Trio (part. special Donatinho)

Street Jazz Duetofotografia.

Street Jazz Duetofotografia.

Date: 10 July (Friday)
Time: 19h

Attraction: Bondesom
Date: 11 July (Saturday)
Time: 17h

Attraction: Glaucus Linx and Ancestry Future
Date: 12 July (Sunday)
Time: 17h



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