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Dreams and fetishes set the tone in the new PIN displays GALLERY


Obra de Leopoldo Wolf.

The work of Leopold Wolf.

Two artists who investigate the boundaries of reality, Leopold Wolf and Nelson Excelsior are the new guests to expose the PIN GALLERY. Two striking works, that can be seen from the 5:00 pm Saturday, day 9 July, and until the day 30, from Wednesday to Saturday, the 3:00 pm to 7:30 pm, with free admission.

Leopold Wolf presents a series of drawings in black and white, strokes in strong lines and removed from a body of work that she creates in miniature – selects some to make them in large format. In Of eternal darkness of darkness Deep in a dream, the artist discusses the imagination of those moments that precede the deep sleep.

Exploring a particular perception of reality, Nelson Excelsior shows its version to the images related to the world of fetish and witchcraft, creating forms, elements, characters, environments. Feticharias and other experiments is the first single by the artist in a gallery and is presented shortly before boarding Excelsior to a residence in Leipzig, in Germany.


Of eternal darkness of darkness Deep in a dream

Obra de Leopoldo Wolf.

The work of Leopold Wolf.

Local: Pin Gallery – Room A

Artist: Leopold Wolf

Leopold Henry Wolf, 1979, is a plastic artist of Brasilia. Its production in the arts is focused on drawing in series. For over ten years, works with black line creating images with appearance of graphic sign, in order to draw up an extensive repertoire with over imagístico 1000 figures, featuring a poetics that oscillates between the defacement and the flowchart, taking in issues such as chimera or abstraction in art. His work is based on making miniature designs, around 1,5 cm, including select sets to expose to the public, with some winning images enlarged versions, made by hand. Of eternal darkness of darkness Deep in a dream is the second single by the artist on the Pin Gallery. The title was conceived from a moment hypnagogic (the drowsiness preceding sleep deeper).

LEOPOLD WOLF – Graduated in Visual Arts at the University of Brasilia, continues his studies in Barcelona, with a graduate degree in Applied Illustration at IDEP, master in comparative studies between literature, Arts and Thought, at the University Pompeu Fabra. There, He began a PhD in Humanities, unfinished, and returned to Brasilia in 2015.

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Feticharias and other experiments

Obra de Nelson Maravalhas.

The work of Nelson Excelsior.

Local: Pin – Room Gallery TWO

Artist: Nelson Excelsior

Fetish for witchcraft, those who do not have?
Spell with fetishes, who never did?
Those who do not have, can now have;
Who never did, Now you can do.

Nelson Excelsior features, the Pin Gallery, your Feticharias, one of the ramifications of his visual production. Excelsior gathers artifacts and disparate things in the works that comply with the regulation of two systems, that chance and of universal standards. There is no relationship with found objects, According to reports the author: "there is hard work and join the search for a literary narrative, storyteller, folhetinesca sometimes. A kind of pictorial literature, or literary sculpture, something, around… “

Obra de Nelson Maravalhas.

The work of Nelson Excelsior.

NELSON EXCELSIOR – The author (you don't call yourself an artist, but opífice) He did postdoctoral work in Sammlung Prinzhorn (the Universität Heidelberg), is PhD in theory and history of art (University of Kent at Canterbury), Master's degree in drawing and painting (School of the Art Institute of Chicago, SAIC). All these titles, in the final analysis, are derivations of his work as a craftsman of objects for visual enjoyment, a.k. the "Art". He began his work in 1973 and already he had a one-man show in Cuiaba, River, Chicago (SAIC), S. Paulo, Florianópolis and Brasília. Prepare now for an "artistic" residence in Pilotenkueche, in Leipzig, in Germany, in a few months. The exhibition at the Pin is your first individual in a private gallery, commercial, of the many who performed in institutional and Museum galleries.

Pin Gallery CLN 103 Block B store 66.
Opening Saturday 09 at 5:00 pm.
On display until the day 30 of JULY, from Wednesday to Saturday – 3:00 pm to 7:30 pm.
Free entry.

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