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Soprano Adriane Queiroz. Photo: Disclosure.

Soprano Berlin State Opera Theater performs in Curitiba

The soprano Adriane Queiroz, singing at the State Opera House in Berlin, one of the most important opera houses in Europe, will perform at Curitiba this weekend. The concert organized by the Community Center Opera Curitiba (NOCC), together with the Camerata UFTPR, Magnificat will present the program in the Chapel Santa Maria, This Saturday (4/8) e domingo (5/8).

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A sacred work Magnificat, Kim André Arnesen (1980), governs the repertoire of performances, in addition to the masterpiece by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), the Concerto for Two Violins (BWV 1043), with soloists Consuelo Froehner and John Alexander Stein.

The concert takes place at the Chapel of Santa Maria, in the days 4 and 5 August, costs $ 20 e R$ 10 half price. The last presentation, in Curitiba campus of the Federal University of Technology-Paraná, day 9 August, will be free. The three presentations will be at 20:30.

Opera Center

The Community Center Opera Curitiba (NOCC) It was created and designed by maestro Ivan Moraes. according to Moraes, the concert with soprano is a unique opportunity for musicians of the choir and orchestra interact with a high-level artist.

"What will serve as a liaison between hobbyists and professionals soloists is love that everyone has for music and pleasure to share this with the public Curitiba", said the maestro Antonio Enaldo, by Camerata UTFPR.


Adriane Queiroz is a singer of international fame of one of the most important European opera houses, the State Opera House in Berlin where he was hired by Maestro Daniel Barenboim.

Born in Belem, Adriane dreamed high and through music has built a solid career of international success. As the soprano, many talents are discovered in community projects such as those who will share the stage with her, explains Adriane.

"Talent abound and need to be studied by people who can guide them. The art will die if you do not have a youth that has love for her, so our ant work is so important ", said.

Programming is done by the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba, the Institute of Art and Culture and Curitiba and the Federal Technological University of Paraná.

Service: Community Opera core Curitiba, Camerata Federal Technological University of Paraná and soprano Adriane Queiroz
Dates: Saturday and Sunday, 4 and 5 August
Time: 20h30
Local: Chapel Santa Maria Cultural Space
Address: Rua Laurindo Advisor, 273
Tickets: R$ 20 and half-price R$ 10
Date: Thursday, 9 August
Time: 20h30
Local: Campus Curitiba in Paraná Federal Technology University
Address: S. Logistics. Heitor Alencar Furtado, 5000, Campina do Siqueira
Free entrance


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