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Hermeto Pascoal. Photo: Gabriel Quintão.
Hermeto Pascoal. Photo: Gabriel Quintão.

Steve Vai, Hermeto Pascoal, Sérgio Dias and Eloy Casagrande participate in DMX Brasil

Event happens 9 to 11 December in digital format

DMX - Digital Music Experience presents in 2020 its 6th edition and in a new format. This year, the event will be online, with free streaming on its official YouTube channel and website www.dmx.art.br. In the days 9, 10 and 11 of december, great artists, world-renowned musicians and experts from different fields of music will talk about their arts, experiences, career paths, life in music and still do unprecedented and exclusive workshows. A DMX 2020 sponsored by the Special Secretariat for Culture and the Ministry of Tourism, through the Culture Incentive Law, and Estácio (Higher Education Institution). Realization is by MZA Music.

Dedé Teicher, Multishow presenter, will be in charge of the entire broadcast and will accompany the audience directly from “Estácio Studio”, an environment with equipment and details from a real recording studio, entitled to a mixer, amplifiers, audio mastering equipment, embossing rolls and more. Everything so that the public can connect even more with the music universe, from great artists to the most modern technologies used by the main names in music.

No Talk, unprecedented conversations will take place with artists about career, new music scene, influence of technology and successful cases. No Meet Experience, artists and experts count, directly, his professional career, the option for the paths they traced, possibilities and challenges. The Workshop will have 3 calendars with very different styles: cellist Jaques Morelenbaum, the group PianOrquestra and the drummer Eloy Casagrande.

In a year marked by so many changes, more than ever it is important to see music as an important transformational factor, as a way of expressing society. Let's use technology, that influences the new ways and musical styles, to bring this discussion and knowledge exchange to the digital environment and continue the debate work that DMX has been carrying out since its first edition ” indicates Marco Mazzola, music producer and creator of DMX.

“Even in such a challenging scenario, Estácio is proud to be a partner of DMX Brasil, because we believe in the potential of Brazilian music professionals and in the creative economy. We maintain a Social Responsibility Program called “Educating to Transform”, that supports initiatives in five pillars - Culture, Sport, School, Citizenship, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and we are involved in large projects with this purpose. The projects contribute to social and cultural development and reflect our commitment to generate a positive impact for the construction of a more just society ”, comments Cláudia Romano, Vice President of Institutional Relations and Sustainability Estacio.

In addition to providing the public with the encounter with great idols of music, DMX also opens up space for new talent. In editing 2020, the DMX New Talent will be dedicated to all musicians and musicians in the country and will select new solo artists from the instrumental dinner. Instrumentalists from all over Brazil will be able to participate in a dispute where eight names from the new national scene will be part of the DMX programming.

The material sent by the registered artists will be evaluated by a judging committee that will select eight artists for the qualifying phase. The videos of the chosen eight will be shown on the event's social networks and during DMX programming between days 07/12/ and 10/12. The public will also be able to help choose new talents. A popular vote will be available on the event website. 7 to 10/12. The two winners will be announced, live, on 11 of december, during transmission, and will receive a scholarship from Estácio.

DMX Talk

09 December - Wednesday

17h às 18h – DMX Talk

The challenges of a young Brazilian orchestra

Maré do Amanhã Orchestra

Conductor Carlos Eduardo Prazeres speaks with a musician and musician of the project about the challenges of the Orchestra, supplementing 10 years and brings together about 300 young people from underprivileged areas of Rio de Janeiro. On the agenda, the transformative power of music in the lives of these young people and the entire community where they live.

18h05 às 19h05 – Meet Experience

Sérgio Dias - A mutant being

Sérgio Dias was the guitar hero of Brazilian rock'n’roll of the decades of 60 and 70. Together with Mutantes and Tropicália, changed the way of making music in Brazil. In this meeting our eternal mutant he tells many stories about the national and international career.

19h10 às 20h10 – Meet Experience

Guitar Hero: Steve Vai

Considered one of 100 greatest guitarists in the world, Steve Vai accumulates hundreds of titles and awards worldwide. The guitarist will participate, for the first time, of a virtual meeting with fans from Brazil exclusively at DMX.

20h15 às 21h15 – Workshop

The personality of drums in heavy metal

Eloy Casagrande

Drummer of the Brazilian band with the greatest international projection, Sepultura, young Eloy Casagrande is worshiped in the world as one of the most virtuous and technical instrumentalists in world rock. Eloy will explain his main techniques on a journey through his career with an exclusive virtual workshop.

10 December - Thursday

17h às 18h – Meet Experience

Taryn's Versatility: Do jazz a Disney

Artistic director of the Rio Jazz Orchestra, Taryn is the daughter of Marcos Szpilman, one of the founders of the traditional big band. Midway, found not only a soul who loves jazz, but also one of the most rewarding jobs of your life: the dubbing and musical interpretations of the great divas of animation and Brazilian music. Today, is one of the most important voices of Disney in Portuguese, as protagonist of the super award winning musical animation “Frozen”, in which is the voice of the character “Elsa”.

18h05 às 19h05 – Meet Experience

Jackal do Sax - Talent and perseverance

A boy who grew up in boarding school and, there he met a passion that would change his life: the saxophone. This is the summary of Jonathan Fernandes Vieira's life, from 36 years, known as Jackal of Sax. Creates from the Barro Vermelho community, at the Lins Complex, the artist, is also a composer. Currently, Jonathan lives on music and will take his sound and his truth to the DMX stage where he will talk about his trajectory and challenges.

19h10 às 20h10 – DMX Talk

Hermeto Pascoal's alchemy - The life trajectory told by the wizard himself

Mediation: Fabiane Pereira

The biggest reference of Brazilian instrumental music. At the age of 84 years, the “Mage” continues to create, composing and doing world tours. This time, DMX comes to your house for an exclusive interview when the great genius who will tell curiosities and talk about the most challenging moments of his life.

20h15 às 21h15 – Workshop

Jaques Morelenbaum – Music is my second name

Cellist, Maestro, composer, arranger and producer, Jaques Morelenbaum is present in the career of big names in music

Brazilian and international, be as arranger and musical partner of names like Tom Jobim, Caetano Veloso, Ivan Lins, Skank, Chico Buarque, Milton Nascimento among others. Was Sting's cellist on DVDs, besides playing with the Cello Samba Trio. The artist will give an unmissable cello workshop.

11 December - Friday

17h às 18h – DMX Talk

Renato Borghetti - Flying high and taking his roots

Special participation: Kledir

Renato Borghetti is an artist with a solid worldwide career. This path started in 1984, when your disk “Harmonica Point” received the first gold record of instrumental music in the country. From there to here, Borghetti and his inseparable bagpipe has brought to the world the quality and feeling of the best music made in the gaúchos pampas. This chat is a tribute to the artist and has mediation by Kledir, who together with his brother Kleiton forms a respected and appreciated duo throughout Brazil.

18h05 às 19h05 – Meet Experience

Jonathan Ferr - Connect with the future. The future is you.

Pianist and composer, he made a good living accompanying other artists until one morning he saw himself as a “musician for hire””. For the will to live from jazz, Jonathan has changed. He started to study to understand what was happening in the market and to seek his place in world instrumental music. The musician, symbol of overcoming and entrepreneurship, talks about his career and the music market, inspiring new and future artists.

19h10 às 20h10 – Meet Experience

The benefits of music and the human brain by Roberta Bento and Taís Bento

The Specialist in Learning Based on the Functioning of the Brain by the University of California and Duke University, Roberta Bento, will talk about influences and benefits of music in the most diverse situations of life and business. Roberta had cerebral palsy at birth and learning disability was one of the expected consequences, among other challenges that I would have to face. The years passed and neuroscience brought a discovery that explains how that fragile child managed to become an internationally recognized educator.

Next to it we will bring Taís Bento, pedagogue specializing in Learning Based on the Functioning of the Brain and Cooperative Learning by the University of Minnesota and the University of San Diego to debate and discuss the power of music and art, two powerful tools that we are increasingly discovering to have miraculous effects on the minds of each of us, Humans.

20h15 às 21h15 – Workshop

Claudio Dauelsberg – a new view of the piano

Guest: PianOrquestra

Consecrated pianist, creator and artistic director of the PianOrquestra group – 10 hands and 1 piano – Claudio Dauelsberg presents a workshop on the history of the piano, from its creation to the present day. Claudio invites the group that demonstrates, in practice, the prepared piano technique. With drumstick gloves, guitar reeds, nylon threads, metal parts, wood, fabric and plastic, they explore the infinite possibilities of timbres and sonorities transforming the piano into their own orchestra.

Social responsibility in times of pandemic: Social Action for Music in Brazil

This year DMX will host the Social Association for Music in Brazil – ASMB, a non-governmental organization, nonprofit, who, in its socio-educational aspect, aims at social inclusion and the formation of citizenship, through the collective teaching of classical music, for children, adolescents and young people living in socially vulnerable communities. The action promotes, more than 23 years, the formation of young classical music orchestras throughout the national territory, like the Youth Orchestra of Brazil and the Mercosul orchestra.

During the three-day event, a QR Code will be displayed throughout the broadcast so that the public can contribute to ASMB's actions.

DMX 2020 – Digital Music Experience
Date: from 9 to 11 of december
Free event

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