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Studio Pharus, without Borders, 2018. Photo: Disclosure.

Studio Pharus invites artists, designers and creative reflection on new project, including notice and free masterclasses

Promoted by the agency Pharus Bright Design, open call art, design and search technology to find artists willing the trial process around the theme "End the Edges"

Careful observation of the day-to-day indicates a clear shift in paradigm in human behavior that leaves the world in a crisis state. There is no clearer old contours, genus, relationships, the beautiful, the right, desirable. That time influences the creative and distribution, in addition to directly impact the communication of people, institutions and brands. Because of that, the Pharus Bright Design design agency launches open call "End of Contours", in which will select art projects, design and technology to two artistic experiences over 2018, no Studio Pharus, located in Republic Square. The notice is available at studiopharus.art/vivencia/temporada-2018/ and registration can be made until 28 February.

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The new generations see unrepresented its aesthetic and moral values ​​by institutions, leaders and brands. This has caused a chronic feeling of difficulty of dialogue and integration. With the first season of Project Studio Pharus, we want to help build bridges and aesthetic integration of communication between what was established and the new”, say the founders of Pharus Bright Design, Cris Inoue and Marcio Mota, which they had the intelligence office [ IN BLANK ] for project creation.


The season Studio Pharus Project - End of Borders aims at systematic research of conceptual nature, imagery and technology of new artistic and cultural expressions developed by artists, designers or anyone interested in the subject.

The project

The Project Studio Pharus - End of Contours will be divided into two periods of four months each. In each of these moments, up to four artists selected in the open call will develop the projects submitted, which must be connected to each other and talk with the theme End of Contours.

The authors of the selected projects will be monitored throughout the period by a curator, ensuring that there is integration between projects and ideas can reach their highest potential.

Studio Pharus, Sem Contornos, 2018 – convocatória. Divulgação.

Studio Pharus, without Borders, 2018 - call. Disclosure.

Masterclass and exchange

Each artistic experiences will be inaugurated by a masterclass with speaker with exceptional grip on the sub-theme of the moment. In addition, along the living process each artist will offer the team Pharus and its stakeholders a workshop on the creative process. The event will be open to the public through free registration.


After three months of work, the artists expose the outcome of proceedings to the public and press at Studio Pharus and still have organized labor in materials Pharus Bright design that can be distributed in different communication channels.

Sobre a Pharus Bright Design – Launched four years, the Pharus Bright Design was designed by creative director Marcio Mota and Annette Cris Inoue aiming to be the arm design and innovation of the Alexandria Group planning agency. Based in São Paulo, in a house signed by Oscar Niemeyer in the neighborhood Alto de Pinheiros, the Pharus Bright Design Studio also has the Pharus, located in a historic building in downtown Sao Paulo, for creative immersions. "In our team, the creation of processes for customers are free and involve a lot of artistic experimentation. something innovative in the world and impressed by James Sommerville, global design VP of Coca Cola ", Cris says Inoue. Today Pharus Bright has 18 employees and among the clients served are: The Occitan Brazil, Google e Coca-Cola. It was the only design agency in Latin America to be invited by the GAA Foundation - responsible for the biennial of art and architecture of Venice – to create a design for the show 2018, to be held in May.

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