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Remodeling: how to choose quality finishes?. Photo: Decorator photo created by wayhomestudio - br.freepik.com.

Remodeling: how to choose quality finishes?

Attention is one of the biggest keys to a successful renovation.. However, those who work in the area know that just paying attention does not shape your steps.. Choosing quality finishes is one of the most important aesthetic phases ...

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Car photo created by senivpetro - br.freepik.com.

How to check if a property is in good condition

Before you actually complete a purchase, it is very important to check if a property is in good condition. In this way, you can take care of possible problems in the future, as well as making sure you’re doing good business. Including, a property ...

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Photo: Background photo created by freepik - br.freepik.com

What is interior design, and how to do it at home?

The demand for interior design has grown in recent years, especially for those who want to renovate and redecorate the house. However, the area goes beyond the simple decoration of the environments, with expertise in planning, idealization and realization of projects ...

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Photo: Curtis Adams no Pexels.

Planned Furniture: know the advantage of choosing them

Most architects and interior designers choose designs with custom furniture. A lot of it, due to the countless advantages of this type of furniture, including the enhancement of spaces and the high sophistication of the environment. Overall, podemos definir ...

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