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Alexandra Vieira de Almeida. Photo: Tiberius Drumond.

Book turns poetry into a mosaic of feelings

A mural of layers that overlap each other. This is the feeling that the writer Alexandra Vieira de Almeida intends to convey to the reader through the book “Panel”, which reaches its second edition. The idea ...

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Book brings social issues with the power of words

Through poetry, the book "The black color of the words" brings verses that highlight social issues, trying to reveal, through the blackness, the power of language and the voice of a race that was so overwhelmed. Publicada pela editora ...

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Book plays with the imaginary and the unconscious of the reader

Transport the reader to a poetic ecstasy stage from enigmatic images, unusual and intoxicating. This is the proposal of "40 Poems", poet Alexandra Vieira de Almeida, reissued by the publisher Penalux. A obra traz textos mais ...

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Lina Tamega Peixoto: a great writer of Brazilian literature

Alexandra Vieira de Almeida, Writer and PhD in Comparative Literature (UERJ) historically, women present in Brazilian literature always contributed greatly to the country's culture. One is Lina Tamega Peixoto. She can introduce the reader always ...

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Book awakens reflection by Serenity

Work brings great influences of literature, as Rimbaud, Murilo Mendes, Manoel de Barros, Cecilia Meireles and Clarice Lispector In a world so frantic, Almeida Alexandra Vieira poet reflects about the silence and emptiness in their new ...

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The books covers artist Giselle Vasquez. Disclosure.

Children's books show the charm of the beautiful stories

Show the charming power of the most beautiful stories, This is the proposal of children's books by the artist Giselle Vasquez. She throws two books simultaneously, "The boy and the Star" and "the girl in the ...

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Book defends the importance of the words

The word goes beyond what is usual, trivial and everyday life. That's what the writer defends carioca Alexandra Vieira de Almeida in his new book of poems titled "Asleep in the verb". Released by the Publisher Penalux and composed of 67 poetry, the work ...

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