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Buana Lima launches the book “I of All Times and the Spheres of the Universe”. Disclosure.

Buana Lima launches the book “I of All Times and the Spheres of the Universe”

Characters from the book will be collectibles The story begins in a café in Colombia, unites Colombian characters, english, Scottish and varied beliefs. The protagonists who thought they had a quiet life and a defined destiny will live ups and downs in their love lives ...

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Buana Lima is a Plastic Artist, Writer and Advisor to Plastic Artists.

Buana Lima – Professional Assistance to Plastic Artists

World, tell us a little about yourself… I'm brazilian, I studied journalism, I painted in a self-taught way for many years, but I realized that she was much more of an entrepreneur than a painter. I went to live in Buenos Aires and there was born Universe Art Kids and then ...

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Universe of the Arts - Show END OF THE YEAR, Flyer, featured. Disclosure.

Universe of the Arts - END OF THE YEAR physical exhibition

CALL FOR Exhibition We will do our great physical exhibition FIN DE AÑO (written in spanish) because our group was created in Argentina and has members from all over the world.. It will be an honor to have your participation. If you want to participate: must create the work ...

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Exhibition "Colors and Things of Brazil", Universe of the Arts Gallery, featured. Disclosure.

Exhibition “Cores e Coisas do Brasil”, Final weeks of the call

Final weeks of the call Adult artists and children. Participates of 4 exhibitions and pay only 1. Last weeks of the call for colors and things from Brazil. Is about 4 show, 3 in the cultural centers of the Embassies of Brazil, in ...

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International competition “THE MONSTERS TO DWELL”

NOT OUT OF STAY, HAVE FUN AND STILL WIN INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE TO INCLUDE IN YOUR CURRICULUM. Universe Art Kids next to Brenda Salles, convoke all artists ( age free ) and so FREE to participate in the international competition ...

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Art Kids Universe - World Project

The www.universoartkids.com is a gateway for disseminating child and youth art. For both, We presented the project "World". Headquartered in Argentina and from this year, with a branch in Rio de Janeiro, The portal was created by Hugo Sérgio, only, 8 years of ...

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Universe Art Kids, featured. Disclosure.

Universe Art Kids, what they are and want to

A just society learns to value your culture is experienced since I was a kid. Art is important in the life of human being, because collaborates not only on your creative development and expressive as well as support the relationship yourself acting ...

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