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Therese Mazzei presents “Possibilities” in the Gallery of the House of Paul Barry

The visual artist capixaba Therese Mazzei inaugurates the exhibition "Possibilities", next Saturday (7 October), at 4:00 pm, in the Gallery of the House of Paul Barry, in Lapa. For your first solo exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, Therese will present a series ...

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Osvaldo Gaia, Jaw, 2017 (Madeira, acetate, pendulum, line and blanket). Photo: Disclosure.

National Museum of the Republic receives Itinerant Sculptures Festival organized by carioca

The Itinerant Sculptures Festival follows in poster, with free admission, until day 27 August, at the National Museum of the Republic, in Brasília, with the participation of 24 artists from different States of Brazil and international. From two ...

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Lina Rivera, Winter Garden, 2016. Photo: Disclosure.

Collective exhibition “3 the A” opens in LAPA next Saturday (10)

The Gallery of the House of Paul Barry, open to the public from 10 June-exhibition "3", with the participation of artists Elmo Malik, Jung Sheldon, Márcio Goldzweig and Lina Rivera. A exposição segue até ...

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