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Image by khiem tran from Pixabay.

How to use concrete materials in your decor

The use of concrete materials in decoration is a growing trend among interior design experts. Until recently, the concrete was hidden under layers of paint and finishing, not to give the impression that ...

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Cheap tips for decorating a room

Many people today are concerned with the decoration that their home environments will have. In this case, the room decor stands out for being a very intimate environment, and must have more the face of the owner of the ...

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How to combine curtain, carpet and sofa in your room?

The decoration of the living room is one of the most striking in the house, mainly for the social function of the room. In this sense, know how to combine curtain, carpet and sofa is of paramount importance to have a balanced and elegant environment. who is ...

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Tips on how to use curtains in your decor

The use of curtains goes beyond decoration. This accessory is not just for beauty, also including situations where the clarity is accentuated and the place needs a resource to adapt to external elements. internal environments ...

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