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individual exhibition of the artist Claudio Parties, "Tailor wings" reflects on freedom

It shows the Post Office Cultural Center follows up 05/11 An invitation to reflect on freedom, the conditions and human behavior. This is the proposal of "Tailor Wings", individual and unprecedented exhibition of Claudio Parties that happens at the Cultural Center Post, ...

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Because of Blockbuster, New exhibition looks remains open until 27/10

With free entry, the group show takes place at SESC Quitandinha Good public demand the exhibition New Perspectives, mounted on SESC Quitandinha, He ensured that shows remain a few days of release. Started in the Winter Festival, in July, ...

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Contemporary Archaeology: Claudio Parties exposes the deconstruction of painting in Tiradentes Palace

Artist explores memory and layers in individual shows traces of past exhibitions inhabit parts of "Contemporary Archeology", which happens to 03/11 to 05/12 in Tiradentes Palace. The shows of the visual artist Claudio Parts is the result of an experimental exploration ...

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Claudio Parts inaugurates exhibition "Contemporary Archeology" at the Cultural Center Stage-FMP

Public will see the fruit of more than a month of artistic intervention from the day 30 April, Petropolis may attend more cultural show. “Contemporary Archaeology” present at the Cultural Center Stage-FMP, in mountainous city. Her, the public ...

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Artistic intervention of Claudio Parts rescues memories at the Cultural Center STAGE – FMP

History and memory are in "Contemporary Archeology", the visual artist Claudio Parts opens in 12/03 at the Cultural Center STAGE – FMP. Until the day 31 April, It will be possible to make a poetic tour that evokes the exhibitions ...

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