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Network/Espelho (featured). Photo: Evelyn Muller.

“The Network, The Mole, The Good” by Jessica Tan

As this year the Soft Armchair, by Sérgio Rodrigues complete 60 years and even after all this time is still current and present super in various environments signed by architects and designers, I'll show you so much as other Brazilian Securities, whom ...

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Movie of La Casa de La Madre shows the creative process of the artist Cusco Rebel

The walls of La Casa de La Madre won the designer illustrations Cusco Rebel. O processo criativo do artista foi mostrado em um filme documental realizado pela produtora A convite da La Casa de La Madre, the designer Cusco Rebel, ...

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Winter 16 - Gustavo Carvalho

The Inspiration A trip to Santiago, no Chile. It was the first time the designer Gustavo Carvalho traveled out of Brazil and it has expanded its look, because if you come across an urban behavior full of attitude and influenced by sportswear, ...

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