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Home staging: how this decorative technique can help when renting your property

Home staging is one of the best practices in the real estate world, able to bring results at great scales for homeowners and brokers, being one of the ways in which more people buy and sell. Throughout the article, ...

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Do it yourself: how to decorate your home while spending little

Do it yourself is a practice that people liked, mainly, for allowing them to create unique articles, spending very little. There are people who do not get their hands dirty, but like to watch tutorials and see ...

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Lighting tips to enhance your decor. Photo: Background photo created by lifeforstock - br.freepik.com

Lighting tips to enhance your decor

Lighting is one of the most important elements in decorating an environment. Therefore, taking advantage of lighting tips is essential to be able to compose a different and interesting design for your home. Good lighting can make a difference in ...

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Tips and ideas for bathroom decor with mirrors

Thinking about bathroom decor can leave many people with doubts or, even, be a neglected practice. But it is important that this environment is well decorated, mainly to bring more comfort and practicality to everyday life. We use ...

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Tips for residential landscaping. Photo: Anna Shvets no Pexels.

Tips for residential landscaping

Currently, residential landscaping is a projection of environments that many people are looking for. It has been strongly requested by those building, renovating or who wants to change an external area. This practice became, even, valuable, ...

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Tips to revitalize your home without spending a lot

Did you know that revitalizing your home can be an easy activity, pleasant and, the best part, having minimal spending? Pois é, it's not impossible to have your dream property, spending little for that, without creating monstrous debts. So, ...

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Decorating tips for your New Year's Eve

The end of the year is a period of renewal and celebration. All the details make the difference at the party, and the decoration for New Year's Eve is an important element to make the room ready. Details of your home can make ...

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Featured. Photo: Studio M & The Architecture / Pinterest.

Christmas from a distance: how to decorate your home for a live with the family?

December is coming and along with it comes Christmas that, This year, will be different from everyone else and for those who will be away from the family, celebrating with the help of lives can be a great option; studio architects ...

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Tips for setting up rustic gourmet area. Photo: Food photo raised by freepik - br.freepik.com.

Tips for setting up rustic gourmet area

The rustic gourmet area is a perfect space to welcome friends and family, being a trend in recent years. One of the main advantages is the comfort that the environment offers, in addition to enabling interaction between people. On ...

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Image by StockSnap from Pixabay.

How to match wallpaper with items in your room

Wallpaper is an elegant and beautiful choice to change your decor without needing a major makeover. At the time of making a residential property evaluation, elements like decoration can make a difference. Therefore, bet ...

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