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Special 100 years of the Russian Revolution: four films to understand how she changed the world

List selected by the Channel Philos has recent documentaries, from 2016 and 2017, on the conflicts that divided society between capitalists and Communists. Channel today is a reference for the collection of the highest quality, with content that can be accessed ...

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Exhibition "The Flying Poet, Santos Dumont "promotes the exhibition of documentary films at the Museum of tomorrow

Sessions of "the man can Fly" and "Dumont-the challenge of air" happen in days 13 and 20 July, respectively, com entrada gratuita De julho a outubro, os visitantes do Museu do Amanhã terão a oportunidade de ...

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Philos indicates ten channel productions to celebrate International Women's day

Documentary on the writer Agatha Christie will be available for free until the day 31 March To celebrate the International Women's Day, concluded in 8 March, the Philos prepared a TOP 10 with productions available to subscribers of the channel ...

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Philos session + Globosat displays four new documentaries in March

Among the stars are "home of Frida Kahlo", "Kehinde Wiley: The Beauty Of Black Women ", "The seduction of smoking" and "prospects: the mystery of Agatha Christie with David Suchet?"The Session Philos March begins with premieres on the channel ...

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Philos announces new content that will be available from February

"Gauguin: The Full Story ", "The trajectory of Putin", "Unforgettable works of art", "René Magritte: The Man under the Hat ", "La Dolce Vitta – The music in the Italian Cinema ", "Philosophy: The Guide to happiness ", "Revealing the Invisible Universe" and ...

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