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Antônio Lopes de Matos, the Master Zango: ancestral knowledge. Photo: Felipe Janicsek.

Virtual lectures of the project “Art Meeting of Afro-Azorean Culture” continue this Thursday (3)

June suits, ternos de reis e a trajetória de um desbravador são tema das palestras que evidenciam personalidades e expressões culturais do Litoral Médio Três palestras virtuais destacando a contribuição de personalidades e expressões artístico-culturais identificadores do Litoral Médio do ...

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Roger Mello, art. Photo: Disclosure.

Award-winning illustrators share professional experiences on YouTube channel

Designers from all over Brazil share professional experiences in transmissions – live – by the project: Meetings with Illustrators Initiative to enhance the habit of reading and foster the editorial market Important names have already participated in thought-provoking and relaxed conversations, at ...

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Milton Hatoum. Photo: Olga Vlahou.

Casa-Museu Ema Klabin promotes meetings with great writers

Milton Hatoum, Betty Milan, José Roberto Walker. In addition to new talents like Fabiana Vanz The Casa-Museu Ema Klabin continues with its rich cultural program through the #CasaMuseuEmCasa Project. During the months of July, August and September lives are confirmed with large ...

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São Paulo will meet on the Shroud of Turin from the Holy, Art and Science

Relic renowned researcher, Prof. Dr. Jack Barnett, will do an analysis of the theme based on his unprecedented research Have you ever imagined analyzing one of the most exciting enigmas still present in humanity, the Holy Shroud of Turin, using areas of knowledge ...

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thematic meeting on Cultural Unibes discusses social media and the art market | 18jun2019

Latitude Project brings together experts in São Paulo to discuss the impact of using social media on the dynamics of the art market. To Apply here: bit.ly/2wGPt3G The Latitude - Platform for Brazilian Art Galleries Abroad project promotes on the day 18 of June, Tuesday, ...

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Museum of the Republic receives Poets Meeting of Portuguese Language

EPLP reaches its fifth edition with commemorative anthology Poetry celebrates once again the Portuguese language. From day 31 August, It will be held the fifth edition of the Meeting of Poets of the Portuguese Language (V EPLP). A ...

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Curitiba will receive the first meeting of Urban Sketchers of Brazil

From 21 to 24 April, weekend of Tiradentes, Curitiba will become the national capital of "urban sketchers", Note that drawing mode has become increasingly popular throughout the planet. Participants from all over the world are expected ...

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