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Pedro Salomão, featured. Photo: Ari Kaye.

Writer Pedro Salomão preaches happiness and talks about the era of haste

The finalist author of the Jabuti Award 2019, mentions courage to live, anxiety and other topics that are directly linked to current life After launching the books Empreendedor Felicidade and LydereZ, Pedro Salomão está à caminho de sua terceira obra ...

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Fabiano de Abreu. Photo: MF Global Press.

Fabiano de Abreu philosopher points out that one must be free from lust to achieve happiness

Lust or lechery (from Latin, playfulness) is an emotion of intense desire for the body and for the pleasure. De acordo com a doutrina católica, é um dos sete pecados capitais e consiste no apego aos prazeres carnais, corruption of manners, culminating in extreme sexuality and sensuality. However, ...

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PAINTING CHEERS by Sandro Del Pires

Colors that blend the emotions, and like magic, You can feel the joy. The painting expresses what you feel inside, because it is important to go through the eyes and touches the heart. PAINTING CHEERS allows registering the ...

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