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Sacred Art Museum of Sao Paulo highlights Ibero-Andean art in new exhibit temporary

“Ibero-Andean Painting - Religious art in Hispanic America "presents a precious collection of works that reveal the beginning of artistic production in the Americas The Museum of Sacred Art of São Paulo - SP-MAS, institution of the Department of Culture and Creative Economy ...

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Osvaldo Gaia, Jaw, 2017 (Madeira, acetate, pendulum, line and blanket). Photo: Disclosure.

National Museum of the Republic receives Itinerant Sculptures Festival organized by carioca

The Itinerant Sculptures Festival follows in poster, with free admission, until day 27 August, at the National Museum of the Republic, in Brasília, with the participation of 24 artists from different States of Brazil and international. From two ...

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Exhibition “Aurora, again amanhecida” Gonzalo Ivo

The painter and Visual artist Gustavo Rebello presents Gonçalo Ivo Art exposure Aurora, with works that illustrate the book of the same name by his father, the writer and poet Lêdo Ivo of 25 of May to 24 June ...

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