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online art sales: the world of paintings a few clicks

Grows increasingly selling works of art through digital platforms. Understand why this phenomenon. Sets, investment opportunity or pure love? The risks of buying and the role of Blockchain. Decorating a home, one ...

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“Six things you need to know to understand the art market in Brazil” by Gustavo Perino

Did you know that one 40% market parts can be false or poorly allocated? Who that puts the price in works of art and who takes care of the artistic heritage in Brazil? Learn to differentiate the work of an expert, from ...

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2International Congress of art Expertise (ICAE 2018). Registration open until 30/11/17 - LIMITED PLACES.

Second Edition of ICAE

International Congress of art Expertise to Givoa Consulting SRL, first company art experts of the region presents the launch of the second edition of the ICAE. This international event will take place in the city of Rio de Janeiro the day ...

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