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The group exhibition “Uni Chromatic Verses” features works in paintings and sculptures, from 15 artists selected by Carmen Inn and will happen on Inn Gallery, in the gardens in SP, from 06 to 23 of december. The opening of the exhibition will be held at day 06 December at ...

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Karine Basil on INN Gallery, Exhibition Constellations

The light beyond the skin and the reverberation of the actions of our day, were subjects that inspired the brazilian photographer, Karine Basil, acting for 17 years in the world of fashion and stamping the country's most influential magazines, Karine ...

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“PHOENIX” – exhibition of jewels and works of art of the artist REJANE HELCER in November on INN GALLERY

INN GALLERY presents “PHOENIX” – Jewelry exhibition of artist REJANE HELCER in November. The beautiful pieces from the collection of Phoenix Rejane Helcer, inspired by the beauty and strength of natural stones and pearls, will be presented on the day Cocktail 07 November from 18:30HS and will be exhibited in the Gallery ...

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The exhibition opening will be held on 19/10 at 7 pm and will also be released book of the same name, with more than 30 pictures and stories and free distribution. Both have as their theme the Brazilian Indians, photographed by Maristela Giassi during the period ...

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INN GALLERY participates in the CSI-W INDOOR//SHP in Italia General-Consulate of 20 to 24 September 2017

The INN GALLERY will be the only participant ART GALLERY, with collective exhibition, in the midst of 35 exhibitors, in this important world tournament Equestrian equestrian Paulista. RUA QUINTANA, 206 – POSTAL CODE 04569-010 PHONE: 5504-6100 – SÃO PAULO – ...

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Exhibition "Faith! Religious and Priests, Profane or Divine?” by Luiz Bhittencourt in Inn Gallery

INN GALLERY presents the exhibition Faith! Religious and Priests, Profane or Divine? by Luiz Bhittencourt of 20 September to 07 October 2017. Charity exhibition of artist Luiz Bhittencourt and artist and model Franklyn Val, in ...

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Invitation Living Natures of Lucia Moreno on Inn Gallery. Disclosure.

INN GALLERY presents the exhibition "LIVING NATURE” de LUCIA MORENO in September

The exhibition's opening on the day 12/09 to 19 hours by invitation only and will be open for visitation 13 to 16 September, in the newly opened art space in the gardens, in São Paulo. FACTSHEET: Artist | Lucia ...

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