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Pair of Nast pots goes to auction in São Paulo. Photo: Disclosure.

Pair of Nast pots goes to auction in São Paulo

Manufactured by the Nast brothers, in the early 19th century, in France, time that it was not possible to make handles and adornments for porcelain pieces without being made of gilded bronze. The Nast brothers revolutionized the industry by creating these ...

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Paper D Dresser. Joseph I of rosewood with secret compartment for value guard, da Bahia, 21st century. XVIII. Photo: Disclosure.

Collection of sacred art is featured in virtual auction

Auction will feature collection of Maria Antonia Marinho, the House of the Alto da Boa Vista in Rio de Janeiro and other principals. The works will be auctioned in days 23 and 24 August, from the 9:00 pm. With ...

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Virtual auction has treasures of Brazilian artists

The first edition of the novel "the Frontiersman", que apresenta uma prosa com personagens característicos do sertão brasileiro, de José de Alencar, o livro “Elegias”, de Cecília Meireles e diversas outras obras raras serão arrematadas pelo espaço Dutra Leilões através de um ...

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