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Ant Service, artist João Loureiro (2013) – A train circulated by the Ema Klabin Foundation. Photo: Marcos Gorgatti.

Ema Klabin House Museum opens public notice for the Imaginary Garden Program

Notice gives opportunity to new artists who will be able to exhibit their works in the Garden designed by Burle Marx. Live of presentation of the notice happens one day 22 of july since 2013, the Ema klabin House Museum promotes the Imaginary Garden Program that takes ...

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Giovana Adoracion. Photo: Disclosure.

Amy Winehouse live tribute on Friday (7)

Next Friday (7), at 8:0 pm, the singer Giovana Adoracion, which is already gaining the affection of the public with its new project “Friday Hour”, will do the third edition of the presentation in his ‘home studio’ with a tribute to the diva ...

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Museum of tomorrow. Photo: Bernard Lessa.

Museum of Tomorrow performs live with astrophysicist and scientific disseminator Neil deGrasse Tyson

The series of debates Amanhãs Aqui e Agora will address the presence of science in the daily lives of Brazilians The first edition of 2021 of the Museum of Tomorrow Here and Now debate series, promoted by the Museum of Tomorrow, will receive ...

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Featured. Photo: Studio M & The Architecture / Pinterest.

Christmas from a distance: how to decorate your home for a live with the family?

December is coming and along with it comes Christmas that, This year, will be different from everyone else and for those who will be away from the family, celebrating with the help of lives can be a great option; studio architects ...

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Teresa Cristina, DVD 2019, Theatro Net Rio, featured. Photo: @MarcosHermes.

Teresa Cristina takes her ‘live’ for Instagram of Canal Futura, on Black Awareness Day

This Friday, day 20, singer makes artistic occupation with repertoire dedicated to black culture Date will also be marked by 24 hours of special programming on Canal screens, including the debut of two new series, that bring an episode about genocide ...

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André Warwar, featured. Photo: Rodrigo Xavier.

Estácio's live with director André Warwar will address the future of audiovisual creation in an unprecedented experiment

The year of 2020 it will certainly be marked in the history of mankind as the “pandemic that stopped the planet”. However, artists, communicators and thinkers around the world do not deliver the points and research new and unusual processes of recreation and diffusion ...

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Imovision promotes a special live with Bárbara Paz to launch the Documentary MULHER on digital platforms

Imovision distributor in partnership with website Mulher no Cinema, going to make a special live day 16/07 Mrs 19:30 on your instagram, @imovision, with journalist Luísa Pécora, writer and creator of Mulher no Cinema, and the actress and filmmaker ...

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Little Circus. Photo: Tami Kaumodaki.

Little Circus

Live of Circus brings juggles, balancing, contortion and a lot of clowning this weekend. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare your popcorn and reserve your seats on the couch, because the laughter is guaranteed with the greatest show on Earth, no less circus ...

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Fernanda Keller, Ambassador, featured. Photo: Sergio Melo.

Fernanda Keller, Ironman Brasil's five-time champion, do tomorrow, farm, day 25 of June, Live “Overcoming challenges”

Through a project of several Estácio campuses, the triathlete will talk about how to face the challenges of today, from its successful trajectory in sport Rio de Janeiro – June 2020 – with so many changes ...

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Live - Favela social activism in the pandemic scenario, MAR. Disclosure.

MAR debates social activism in favelas in the context of the pandemic

The Art Museum of the river-SEA, under the Institute's management Odeon, this Thursday (18/6), às 17h, a live to debate favela social activism in the pandemic scenario. The conversation will include two active residents of ...

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