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Business photo created by peoplecreations - br.freepik.com.

How to carry out a modern design in your office

Having a modern design in the office has become something practically mandatory for companies, even more the enterprises that wish to follow the market trends, offering a sophisticated and functional space for customers and employees. In addition, this trend promises ...

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Oriental decoration: to make your residence more Zen!

Oriental decor is conquering more and more people who want to bring a sense of peace and tranquility to the home. And that doesn't just concern the decorations adopted in China and Japan. Anyone who admires Asian culture can ...

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Photo: Vlada Karpovich no Pexels.

You know Scandinavian decor? Learn about this style

Cozy and welcoming, the style of Scandinavian decor is increasingly present in Brazilian homes, being a modern trend for interior designers and architects. Known for its neutral colors and straight lines, esse tipo de decoração se ...

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Photo: Diego Pacheco no Pexels.

Discover the industrial style of home decor

The industrial style is present in many homes and, currently, has become one of the great trends in decoration and interior design. Its origin goes back to the decade of 1970, when the old factory sheds were transformed into residences. However, ...

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Figure 4: Be Room. Design and Photo: Alba Cliffs.

“Minimalizando” by Jessica Tan

The 21st century is characterized by the internet age, the globalized world, the excess of information, of social media, our routine race. And for some time here we're appreciating the silence, meditation, the balance, the harmony, the ...

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