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Clicks of humor and provocation in the contemporary world

The solo exhibition “POST(and)”, visual artist André Sheik and curated by Raul Mourao, It will be held at Marquis space 456 this September. The show features photographs taken with mobile phone - conducted between 2014 and 2018 – ...

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55SP continues until day 27 with works of the Platform Jacaranda

Show has works by artists like Vik Muniz, Nuno Ramos e Luiz Zerbini a preços acessíveis São Paulo, April 2018 – Until the next day 27 April, Friday, the public may know the 25 obras na exposição coletiva ...

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55SP inaugurates space with works of tomorrow 25 Brazilian artists

Shows in partnership with Jacaranda Platform will have works by Vik Muniz, Nuno Ramos and Luiz Zerbini, among others until 27 April affordable São Paulo, April 2018 – Starts tomorrow, 3 April, the exhibition ...

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55SP inaugurates exhibition space in São Paulo with works 25 Brazilian artists

Shows in partnership with Jacaranda Platform will photogravure Vik Muniz, Nuno Ramos and Luiz Zerbini São Paulo, March 2018 – 55SP opens on the next day 3 April, Tuesday, at 19h, its exhibition space in San ...

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Osvaldo Gaia, Jaw, 2017 (Madeira, acetate, pendulum, line and blanket). Photo: Disclosure.

National Museum of the Republic receives Itinerant Sculptures Festival organized by carioca

The Itinerant Sculptures Festival follows in poster, with free admission, until day 27 August, at the National Museum of the Republic, in Brasília, with the participation of 24 artists from different States of Brazil and international. A partir dos ...

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