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Photo of the Muriqui. Photo: Disclosure.

Tanguá receives wellness activities promoted by Globe

Tanguá receives wellness activities promoted by Globe

Yoga classes, Tai chi chuan, dance and zumba in youth Square on the day 13 from
September, from 9:00

On 13 September, Sunday, Tanguá residents will have the opportunity to relax with wellness activities offered by Globe in youth Square. From 9:00, the public can participate in the yoga class and, soon after, às 10h, tai chi chuan-Chinese martial art. At 11:00 and at 12:00 there will be, yet, dance and zumba on site.

In addition to itinerant activities geared to the well-being in the river and the Grand River, the Globe promotes, since 2014, yoga lessons, dance and tai chi chuan in the station kiosk, in Copacabana – at the time the street Muthiah. The meetings are intended to promote a healthier lifestyle among the participants.

Date: 13 September, Sunday
Local: Youth square – Maura Conception
Address: Mayor John Street Baptist Cáffaro, s/nº, Enlargement – Tanguá
9h – Yoga
10 – Tai chi chuan
11h – dance

GLOBE KIOSK – Copacabana (height of Muthiah Street)

Globe kiosk
Monday: 20h30
Professor: Thiago Jully

Globe kiosk
Tuesday and Thursday: 8H30 at 9:30
Professor: David Gafoor_abdulgafoor00

Globe kiosk
Wednesdays and Fridays: 8h to 9:00
Teacher: Shakti Lila



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