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Paiol Theater brings together lectures by immigrants and refugees from seven countries

The issue of immigration and global borders was one of the most debated and discussed in 2015. It is estimated that if added only the number of refugees, displaced or refugee seekers, the population obtained would have enough size to occupy the position of 24th most populous nation in the world. In recent months, There were many reports of shipwrecks, deaths, attempts at illegal immigration, programs for receiving refugees and immigrants launched by Governments of different countries. Only in Curitiba, There are more than 2.500 Haitians newcomers, in search of better living conditions. Not to mention the hundreds of other nationalities also represented on city streets.

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To discuss this panorama, This Thursday, 17, o Teatro do Paiol recebe a primeira edição curitibana do Global Talks, an international network of events with the goal of presenting new cultures and sensitize the local population to respect, empathy and support to those who come from outside. at the meeting, There will be the presentation of 7 immigrants from different countries. The event starts at 7:50 pm-in allusion to 195 countries recognised in the UN documentation-and will feature the presentation of immigrants from the following countries: France, Haiti, Ireland, Syria, Angola, Paraguay and Congo, all residents in Curitiba.

In the lectures, with duration of 10 minutes, the representatives will tell their life stories and submit 24 personal images to the public. The closure is expected to 9:30 pm. The first lectures held at the Armory Theatre and admission is free, upon registration in the official event page – www.globaltalks.co. All present are invited to contribute with a donation of 01 book in good condition, that must be delivered to the order of the event.

The first edition of the Global Talks, held in Curitiba, with the support of the great school, Open the window, The Cultural Foundation of Curitiba, Gazeta do Povo, Our Cause, City of Curitiba, Network of exchange students of Curitiba and The Youth.


Global Talks-launch issue in Curitiba
7 lectures, with 7 immigrants from 7 different nationalities
Date: 17/12/2015 (Thursday)
Time: 19H50 at 9:30 pm (gates open from 7:30 pm)
Local: Armory Theater-Wide Prof. Guido Viaro, s/n º-Prado Velho-Curitiba/PR

Tickets: Free, upon registration on the site www.globaltalks.co

Information: www.globaltalks.co or www.facebook.com/globaltalks.co

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