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Third single from the project ‘Sinestesias’, by Pedro Longes, will be released on 05/03 on digital platforms

Canoe singer and songwriter releases the song 'Samba Erudito', which mixes a syncopated samba melody with a piano

Canoe singer and songwriter, Pedro Longes, releases the third single from the project “Synesthesias”On all digital platforms, next Friday, day 05 March. Entitled “Classical Samba”, the song mixes a syncopated samba melody with a piano, with influences ranging from Chopin to Charly Garcia.

The recordings of the singles of the Sinestesias project were made, all, "Live", at Soma studios (Porto Alegre) e Doctor F (Buenos Aires), seeking an organic sound, dynamics, without edits and valuing, the maximum, the expression of the musicians. During recordings of Synesthesias, a video recording of the complete show was also carried out, produced for Ecarta Musical, of the Ecarta Foundation, already available on Youtube through the institution's channels. The show, recorded in sequence, counts on the participation of musicians André Vicente, Daniel Mueller, of the guests Anaadi and Ana Clara Moltoni, directed by Zé Carrasco and produced by Silvia Abreu.

The series of releases also includes the composition “Nós Hemos de Vir” (02/04), dealing with political-social issues, behavioral and environmental; "Theme for Natalia" (07/05), dedicated to artist Natalia Babarovic; the song “Horses in the Room” (04/06), composed in partnership with the guitarist from Santa Catarina Daniel Mueller, and the “Waltz in Solidão” (02/07), also in partnership, this with the canoeist pianist and composer André Vicente.

About the “Synesthesias” project

After four years living in Santiago de Chile and passing through cities like Buenos Aires and Montevideo, where he performed several musical works and cultural exchange, singer and songwriter Pedro Longes celebrates his return to Rio Grande do Sul by launching the project “Sinestesias”, a series of seven songs that will be released month by month (the first launch took place on the day 15 January, with the participation of Anaadi and the second on the day 05 February with Argentine Ana Clara Moltoni), ending in July. Disclosure actions include lives on the artist's social networks in the days leading up to the releases, in conversation format, with the artists participating in the processes and invited.

Seeking to reframe previous work, since the time of your first album, Connection (2015), and present unpublished copyright songs, the singer and songwriter from Canoe will release, until July, on digital platforms, four more songs in single format, totaling seven at the end, with a renewed visual identity, permeated by paintings, photographs and prints.

About Pedro Longes

During the four years he was living in Santiago de Chile, Pedro studied composition and arrangement with the Chilean musician Oscar Torres, besides having studied popular singing at the ProJazz Chile Institute, affiliated with Berklee College of Music. In 2018, released the album “Longes Canta Spinetta”, celebrating one of the biggest names in Argentine and Latin American music: Luis Alberto Spinetta (1950-2012). Accompanied by a band formed by Chilean musicians, the album features eight Spinetta songs in the voice of Pedro Longes, in new arrangements and with lyrics translated poetically into Portuguese.

During the last two years in the country of Violeta Parra, The jaivas, Victor Jara, and so many other important artists, Pedro Longes presented the albums Conexión and Longes Canta Spinetta in the show Pedro Longes Trio, next to the Argentine drummer Juánchi Perez and the Chilean double bass player Pablo Torrejón. Among several places and festivals, presented the show at Thelonious Lugar de Jazz, one of the most traditional jazz clubs in Chile, where they made a live record, available on Youtube.

What: Pedro Longes releases 3rd single, “Classical Samba”, on digital platforms
When: Friday, day 05 March 2021
Where: Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Youtube and other platforms.
And: Links available on Pedro Longes' social networks: instagram.com/pedrolonges
How much: Free of charge not Spotify, Deezer e Youtube. Available for purchase in digital download format.

Upcoming releases:

Single 4 – Friday, day 02/4 – We have to come
Single 5 – Friday, day 07/5 – Theme for Natalia
Single 6 – Friday, day 04/6 – Horses in the Room – with Daniel Mueller
Single 7 – Friday, day 02/7 – Waltz in Solitude – with André Vicente

Link to pre-save:


Step-by-step instructions for pre-saving:

Pre-save is a way for you to receive the launch as soon as it arrives on the platforms. To pre-save the single “Samba Erudito” on Spotify, or your favorite platform, Follow the step by step:

1 – Click on the link and choose your platform: tratore.ffm.to/sambaerudito
2 – If necessary, login to the platform.
3 – Add music to your library.

Ready! On 5 March, you will receive the single Samba Erudito, by Pedro Longes, on the chosen platform.

Watch the video “Samba Erudito” by Pedro Longes:

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