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Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy Classifieds Site Works of Art

These Terms and Conditions apply to the use of services offered by ETHER 7 REPRESENTAÇÕES COMERCIAIS LTDA, company duly registered in the CNPJ / MF under No. 05.530.772-0001-59, Site owner OBRASDARTE – www.obrasdarte.com, henceforth nominated Site Obrasdarte.

Anyone, henceforth nominated User, wishing to use the services of Classifieds Site Obrasdarte must accept the Terms and Conditions and all other policies and principles that govern.


The user should read, make sure to have understood and accept all the conditions set out in the Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy, well as other documents incorporated by reference thereto, before your registration as a User of the Site Obrasdarte Classifieds.

In case of doubts, please Contact.

01 – Object

The services object of the present Terms and Conditions consist of ((i)) offer and stay spaces in Classifieds Site www.obrasdarte.com so that Users advertise for sale your own products and / or services and (ii) facilitate direct contact between users and advertisers Users interested in acquiring the products and services advertised, through the disclosure of contact information from one party to another. The Classifieds Site Obrasdarte, therefore, enables users to contact you and negotiate with each other directly, intervir not always counted, in the negotiation or execution of business, is not, this quality, supplier of any products or services advertised by its users in Classifieds Site www.obrasdarte.com.

02 – Ability to cadastrar up

The services Obrasdarte Classifieds Site are available only to people who have legal capacity to contract them. Can not use them, and, people who do not enjoy this capability, including minors, or people who have been unqualified Site Obrasdarte, temporarily or permanently, getting, from já, the user warned of legal sanctions of the Civil Code, notedly, art. 166, I; 171, I e 180 da lei n° 10.406/02.

Nor is it allowed that a person has more than one registration. If the Site Obrasdarte detect, through the system of data verification, duplicate entries, inabilitar will definitively cadastros.

Corporations can register their legal representatives.

03 – Cadastre

Only be confirmed the registration of the person who satisfies all the registration fields. The future User must complete it with accurate information, accurate and truthful, and undertakes to update Personal Data whenever any changes occur in them.

The Site Obrasdarte not responsible for correction of Personal Data entered by its Users. Users guarantee and respond, in any event, civil and criminal, the veracity, accuracy and authenticity, Personal Data registered.

The Obrasdarte Site reserves the right to use all means possible to identify valid and its Users, and to request additional information and documents as it deems to be relevant in order to provide Personal Data informed.

If the site decides Obrasdarte check the veracity of the registration data of a User and is found to exist between them untrue or incorrect data, or if the User is steal or refuses to submit the required documents, Site Obrasdarte may block registration for sales in classifieds, temporarily suspend or permanently cancel the registration, without prejudice to any other measures deemed necessary and timely.

Having the application of any of the above sanctions, will be automatically canceled its User's other ads, not watching you, for this reason, any sort of compensation or reimbursement.

The User will access your account by nickname (login) and password and undertakes not to report such data to third parties, are fully responsible for the use that is made of them.

The User undertakes to immediately notify the Site Obrasdarte, and through the right half, about any unauthorized use of your account, as well as unauthorized access by third parties to the same. The User shall be solely responsible for transactions made on your account, since access to it will only be possible by affixing password, whose knowledge is unique User.

In no event will be allowed to transfer, sale, rent or otherwise transfer the account. Also do not allow the maintenance of more than one record for the same person, and the creation of new entries by persons whose registration documents have been canceled for violations of policies Site Obrasdarte.

The nickname that the User uses the Site Classifieds Obrasdarte you can not save resemblance to the name Obrasdarte Site. Neither can be used any nickname that imply or suggest that the advertised products belong to Obrasdarte Site or part of their promotions. Also nicknames deemed offensive will be removed.

The Classifieds Site Obrasdarte reserves the right to refuse any application for registration and cancel a registration previously accepted, since they disagree with the policies and rules of this term.

04 – Modifications of the Terms and Conditions

The Site may change Obrasdarte, anytime, these General Terms and Conditions, aiming at their improvement and improved services. The new Terms and Conditions will take effect 10 days after published on the site. Within 5 (five) days from the publication of the modifications, User must communicate by email if you do not agree to the amended terms. In this case, the bond contract will cease to exist, provided there are no outstanding bills or debts. No manifestation within the stipulated, understood that the User will tacitly accepted the new Terms and Conditions and the contract binding the parties continue.

The changes do not remain in force in relation to negotiations and announcements have already started at the time that the same changes are published. For these, Terms and Conditions of Use will stand with the previous wording.

05 – Products advertised

5.1 Ads / offers

The User may offer for sale products or services in their respective categories and subcategories. Ads can contain charts, texts, descriptions, photos and other information relevant to the product or service offered, where this practice does not violate any provision of this agreement or other policies Site Obrasdarte. The product or service offered by User seller should be clearly described in terms of their relevant characteristics. Presume-is-to that, by including the notice in Classifieds Site Obrasdarte, User expresses the intent and declares that it has the right to sell the product offered, or who is entitled to such holder by the, besides having the product for immediate delivery. Advertisements should, if necessary, the description of all taxes on the transaction in strict compliance with applicable tax laws.

The User declares, also, that has to publish a notice in stock items in sufficient quantity to fulfill its supply.

The Site Obrasdarte can remove those ads whose final price is not in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, not sufficiently clear, or to allow some sort of variation, thus to avoid confusion or misunderstanding as to the final price of the product.

5.2 Adding images and photos

The User can include images and photographs of the product offered whenever they correspond to the product.

The Site may withdraw Obrasdarte site publications that contain images that are not in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Use and other policies use the Classifieds Site Obrasdarte.

5.3 Prohibited Goods

May be announced / offered those products or services whose sale is not expressly prohibited by the Terms and Conditions and other policies Classifieds Site Obrasdarte, or by applicable law.

Policies concerning products whose advertising is forbidden in Classifieds Site Obrasdarte are below:

• Stolen Goods – It is illegal to sell stolen goods or property, stolen or subtracted anyway. The Site Obrasdarte undertakes to cooperate with the competent authorities in the investigation of illicit origin of products. If at any time the authority to require information about a product, inform the user data. It is considered stolen property any item purchased without the authorization of its owner. If there is doubt as to any product advertised to be the result of theft or robbery, notify the competent authorities for investigation which start as soon as possible.

• Smuggled Goods, counterfeit or adulterated – Products that have entered the country illegally can not be sold in Classifieds Site Obrasdarte. This includes the prohibition in question those products, appearing to be a legitimate product are not in fact, or cause confusion about their origin, production or originality.

• Products advertised for fun – It will remove any article that the Site Obrasdarte consider lacking in seriousness or intended deception.

• Products that violate laws on Intellectual Property – The Site Obrasdarte protects intellectual property rights. It is, therefore, prohibited the publication and sale of products that infringe on copyright laws, patent, brands, models, industrial designs and trade secrets.

06 – Privacy Information

Any information or personal data provided by the User in Classifieds Site Obrasdarte is kept confidential and secure, however not be responsible for damage that may be derived from the violation of such measures by third parties that use public networks or the internet, subverting the security systems to access information from Users.

07 – Obligations of Members

7.1 Buyer. Users interested in buying products or hire services advertised by sellers on classifieds Site Obrasdarte should express their interest and make their offers during the negotiation period stipulated by these. The ads will close when the expiration set by sellers or when end users the quantities contained in, and service announcements expire when the deadline determined by the Ad User advertiser. The buyer User, after expressing interest in purchasing an item advertised, through the website tools, undertakes to contact the seller and User commit work, unless trading is prohibited by law or these Terms and Conditions, or in the event of the seller and buyer Users give up the business agreement.

Taxes: The Site Obrasdarte not responsible for tax liabilities that fall in the activities of the users of the classifieds site. And establishes the relevant legislation, the buyer should require the seller to invoice their transactions, User unless the seller is conducting a sale possible and does not meet the legal concept of marketer / entrepreneur in the goods placed in trading.

7.2. User Obligations of Seller. The seller User must have legal capacity to sell the product or provide the service advertised. The seller User agrees to contact the User buyer to effect the transaction when it has received an expression of interest in buying the advertised item. Only in exceptional cases the following User seller may not effect the sale: if there was no agreement with the buyer on the User form of payment or delivery; it was not possible to verify the true identity of the User information or buyer; it was obvious typo when registering price or quantity of the product advertised.

When a deal goes ahead, User the seller must, whenever and as provided, pay the Site Obrasdarte, in contrast to the services described in clause 1, the amount corresponding to a percentage of the advertised price, unless advertised promotions by Site Obrasdarte. This amount should be paid even in cases in which trading is not achieved by the responsibility of User seller.

Because the Site Obrasdarte not being a part in the transactions of buying and selling of products and services that take place between Users, responsibility for all obligations arising, are tax, labor, consumeristas or of any other nature, User shall be solely the vendor. In case of judicial which has the Defendant Site Obrasdarte, the facts of which merge in the User actions seller, this will be called the process should bear all the burdens resulting therefrom, pursuant to Article 70, III of the Code of Civil Procedure. Not included as part of the purchase and sale transactions that take place between Users, Site Obrasdarte can not force the seller to User honor its obligation or effect trading.

The seller must bear in mind that, in that it acts as a supplier of products and / or services or as alienating potential, its offering the links, pursuant to Article 30 Code of Consumer Rights and Article 429 Civil Code, compliance with which may be required in court by the buyer User.

Taxes: Site Obrasdarte not responsible for the obligations of a tax levied on the trades between User buyer and seller User. Thus, User the seller to act as dealer, under the law in force, responsibility will be the entirety of the obligations arising from its activities, notably by taxes.

08 – Sealed Practices

Users can not, among other actions provided for in these Terms and Conditions: to) interfere with other transactions between Members; b) attack, slander, insulting or slandering other users.

These types of behavior may be punished by the suspension or cancellation of listing, or the suspension or cancellation of your registration as a user of the Site Obrasdarte Classifieds, without prejudice to any legal action that may occur by setting the crimes or misdemeanors or civil damages that may cause buyers to Users.

09 – Violation System or Database

It is not allowed to use any device, software or other resource that will interfere in the activities and operations Classifieds Site Obrasdarte, as well as in ads, descriptions, accounts or your databases. Any intrusion, attempt, or activity that violates or contravenes the laws of intellectual property rights and / or the prohibitions set forth in these Terms and Conditions, become responsible subject of legal actions relevant, including the penalties provided herein, and is responsible for compensation for damage caused.

10 – Sanctions

Without prejudice to other measures, The Classifieds Site Obrasdarte can warn, suspend or cancel, temporarily or permanently the registration of a user, your ads, anytime, initiating appropriate legal action and / or suspending the provision of its services: to) the User fails to comply with any provision of these Terms and Conditions and other policies Classifieds Site Obrasdarte; b) is your duty to disobey User; c) practice is deceptive or malicious; work) if it can not be verified the identity of the User or any information provided by him is incorrect; and) the Site Obrasdarte understand that ads or any User's attitude did any harm to others or to himself or website Obrasdarte have the capability to do so. In cases of disqualification of the User's registration, all active listings and / or offers made will be automatically canceled.
The Obrasdarte Site reserves the right to, at any time and in its sole discretion, ask you to send personal documents.

11 – Responsibilities

The Classifieds Site Obrasdarte responsible for any damages caused to its users for defects or defects relating exclusively to the provision of their service hosting and serving ads in classifieds site www.obrasdarte.com, since the Site Obrasdarte has given rise to such defects or vices. Clarify up, by timely, that the Site Obrasdarte not responsible for defects or technical defects and / or operating system originating user or third parties.

The Site Obrasdarte is not the owner of the products advertised by Users classifieds site www.obrasdarte.com, not keep possession of these items and do not realize sales offers. Nor involved in the delivery of products or provision of services advertised by Users classifieds site www.obrasdarte.com.

The Site is not responsible Obrasdarte, therefore, pela Existence, QUANTITY, QUALITY, state, integrity and legitimacy of the products oferecidos, acquired or disposed of hairs users, assim as pela ability to engage users or accuracy of pela Given Pessoais they entered em by their cadastros. The Obrasdarte Site does not grant warranty for defects hidden or apparent in the negotiations between Users. KNOW each user and accepts to be the only responsável hair products that advertise or peel offers that performs.

The Site Obrasdarte not be responsible for the effective fulfillment of obligations assumed by Users. The User acknowledges and agrees that the conduct negotiations with other Users or third parties do so at your own risk, recognizing the Site Obrasdarte as a mere service provider providing virtual space for announcement of products and services offered by third parties. In no event shall the Site Obrasdarte be liable for lost profits or any other damage and / or loss that the User may suffer due to negotiations conducted or not conducted through the classifieds Site Obrasdarte arising from the conduct of other Users.

The Site Obrasdarte recommends that every transaction is done with caution and common sense. The User must weigh the risks of trading, assuming may be, eventually, dealing with minors or persons making use of false identities, except the responsibilities arising therefrom under the rules and regulations already mentioned above.

The Site Obrasdarte is responsible for any damages caused to its users for defects or defects relating exclusively to the provision of their service hosting and ad serving site www.obrasdarte.com, since the Site Obrasdarte has given rise to such defects or vices. Clarify up, by timely, that the Site Obrasdarte not responsible for defects or technical defects and / or operating system derived from the User or third party.

In cases where one or more users or any third start any claim or legal action against one or more other users, each and every one of the users involved in the claims or actions disclaim all liability Obrasdarte the Site and its directors, managers, employees, agents, workers, representatives and, observed, yet, stipulated in clause 7.

12 – Range of Services

These Terms and Conditions do not create any partnership agreement, mandate, franchise or employment relationship between User and Site Obrasdarte. The User expresses Site Obrasdarte science that is not part of any transaction entered into between Users, nor has any control over the quality, safety or legality of the products or services advertised by Users, about the veracity or accuracy of ads designed by Users, and on the ability of users to negotiate. The Site Obrasdarte can not ensure the success of any transaction conducted between Members, nor verify the identity or the personal data of Users. The Site Obrasdarte not guarantee the veracity of the publication of third parties that appear on your site and will not be responsible for correspondence or contracts with third parties to perform the User.

13 – System Failures

The Site Obrasdarte not responsible for any damage, loss or damage suffered by the User due to failures on the internet, the system or the server used by the User, arising from conduct of others, unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure. The Site Obrasdarte also not be liable for any viruses that may attack the equipment as a result of User Access, use or browsing the internet or as a result of the data transfer, files, images, text or audio.

14 – Rates and Billing

The Register in Classifieds Site Obrasdarte is paid, unless evidenced promotions Site Obrasdarte. By placing a product on sale the User shall pay the appropriate fees Announcement. May be charged a rate of ad, and a selling price, contract with the part, which will only be paid to the Site Obrasdarte when trading materialize, if not materialize for exclusive fault of the Vendor User, or does not qualify the trading deadline.

The User agrees to pay the Site Obrasdarte the corresponding values ​​for ad rates, or any other service provided by the site Obrasdarte where there is a tariff established. The Obrasdarte Site reserves the right to modify, increase or eliminate existing tariffs anytime, always notifying users in the manner prescribed in clause 4 or during promotions and other forms of transitional change of prices. Such changes shall not remain in force in relation to the negotiations and announcements have already started at the time that the same changes are published. For these, Terms and Conditions of Use will stand with the previous wording.

The Obrasdarte Site reserves the right to take the relevant judicial and extrajudicial measures to receive the amounts due.

15 – Indemnification

The User shall indemnify the Site Obrasdarte, its subsidiaries, subsidiaries or parent, directors, administrators, employees, representatives and employees for any claims promoted by other users or third parties arising from its activities in Classifieds Site or your breach of the Terms and Conditions of Use and other policies Classifieds Site Obrasdarte, or violation of any law or the rights of others, including attorneys' fees.

16 – Governing Law and Jurisdiction of election

All items of these Terms and Conditions of Use are governed by the laws in force in the Federative Republic of Brazil. For all matters relating to the interpretation, compliance or any other questions related to these Terms and Conditions of Use, parties agree to submit to the Court of the District of Curitiba – Paraná, waiving of yet another privileged.


Privacy and Confidentiality of Information

These privacy policies are part of the Terms and Conditions of Use and worth from their acceptance.

The Site Obrasdarte, the nature of services and collects, In some cases, reveals information about the users and visitors of your website. This Privacy Policy describes the information that the Site Obrasdarte collects about its users and visitors and what can be done, with the purpose of demonstrating absolute transparency in this important matter. By registering and / or browse the classifieds Site Obrasdarte, the user and / or visitor tacitly consent to use your personal information in accordance with the following policies.

With these policies, Obradarte the Site wants to demonstrate that the information privacy of users is very important and, therefore, caution and take precautions to protect all the information, using the security mechanisms in computer most complete and effective.

This document is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of Use Classifieds Site Obrasdarte. By accepting them at registration the user accepts the policies contained herein.

Information required

The first step to enjoy the services of Classifieds Site Obrasdarte is register and inform your personal data (“Personal Information”) complete and accurate. May be requested, received and stored the following data: alias to operate in Classifieds Site Obrasdarte, name, document number or valid identification and contact information (as landline number, e-mail, physical address, etc..). The Site Obrasdarte may confirm personal information provided to consult public, companies or specialized databases, and is already expressly authorized. The information the Site obtains Obrasdarte these entities will be treated confidentially.

At any time the user registered in Classifieds Site Obrasdarte may request the termination or removal of your registration, well as the elimination of your data from the database of the company. For more info, read “Access rights, removal and correction of personal information” below.

Our use of information

To provide excellent service and to enable users to perform operations in a fast and safe, The Classifieds Site Obrasdarte requires certain personal information, including e-mail. The collection of this information allows us to provide users with services and features that may be better suited to your needs and customize our services to make your experiences with Classifieds Site Obrasdarte be as comfortable as possible. Personal information that we would request has the following purposes:

• Assist the buyer and seller in direct contact in the opportunity to match the buying mode. In this case, The Classifieds Site Obrasdarte provide your personal information to stakeholders (name, phones, Location and email), through e-mail or physical. The information thus known by buyer or seller, can be used only for the purpose of completing the transaction originated in Classifieds Site Obrasdarte and should not be employed by any of them for advertising purposes, promotional or other activities not related to the Site Obrasdarte, unless expressly authorized user.

• Develop internal studies on the interests, behaviors and demographics of users to better understand your needs and interests and provide better services or to provide them with information related.

• Improve our business and promotional initiatives and analyze visited pages, searches performed by users, to improve our content and product offering, personalize content, presentation and services. Send information or messages by email about new services, display advertising or promotions, banners, interest for our users, news on the Site Obrasdarte, addition to the information expressly authorized in the preferences section. If the user prefers, may request that the exclude lists for sending promotional or advertising information. To do this simply request via Contact.

Confidentiality of information

Once logged into your web site, The Classifieds Site Obrasarte not sell, rent or share Personal Information, except in the forms set out in these policies. Will be all that is within reach in order to protect the privacy of information. It may be that, because of court orders, or legal, Site Obrasdarte be compelled to disclose information to authorities or third parties under certain circumstances, or in cases where third parties to intercept the transmitted information or, in which case the Site Obrasdarte not respond by the information that is revealed.

User nickname

To interact within the site, users must use a nickname that identifies.

Personal password

To access the services reserved only for users duly registered, these will have a personal password. With it can buy, sell, among other activities. This password, that is chosen by the user, should be kept under strict confidentiality and, in any case, should be disclosed or shared with others.

You will be responsible for all acts that are performed with the use of your username and personal password, which include payments of fees for services or liability for losses which may suffer from other users for any reason. If for any reason a user suspect that someone may know your password, you should change it to access, by navigation menu.

Order of the competent authorities – Legal requirements

The Site Obrasdarte cooperate with the competent authorities and third parties to ensure compliance with laws, for example, on protection of rights of intellectual and industrial property, fraud prevention and other.

The Obrasdarte Site may disclose personal information of their users upon request to the competent governmental or judicial authorities for the purposes of investigations conducted by these, even if there is a court order, for example (and not limited to), in the case of investigations of criminal sanctions or the breach copyright. In these situations, Site Obrasdarte cooperate with the competent authorities in order to safeguard the integrity and security of the Community and its users, hypotheses except confidentiality of certain information by law.

The Site Obrasdarte can communicate any Personal Information about its users in order to meet the applicable law and cooperate with the competent authorities in that discretion deems necessary and appropriate in connection with any investigation of an offense, infringement of rights of industrial or intellectual property, or other activity that is illegal or may expose Obrasdarte Site or its users to any legal liability.

In addition, Site Obrasdarte reserves the right to communicate information about its users to other users, entities or parties where there are reasonable grounds to believe that the activity of a user is suspected of attempting or committing an offense or attempt to harm others. This right will be used by the Site Obrasdarte your disposal when deemed appropriate or necessary to maintain the integrity and security of the Community and its users, to enforce the Terms and Conditions and other policies of the site and with the aim to cooperate with the implementation and enforcement. This right shall be exercised by the Site Obrasdarte irrespective of whether a court or administrative order accordingly.

Rights of cancellation and rectification of personal data

The user, to register, manifests know and can exercise their rights of access, cancel and update your personal data. You warrant and responsible for the veracity, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the personal data, and undertakes to keep them fully updated.

Once registered in Classifieds Site Obrasdarte, the user can review and change the information there is provided during the registration process, up to include:

• The user name;

• A personal password.

Users should regularly update your personal data, with the changing of fields, so that other users can contact them when they make a deal. To make any changes in the information provided on the registration, the user must have access to My Profile.

All requests, matches, notifications or requests for information should be sent to the address of the Ether 7 Commercial Representations Ltd.: Red Brasholanda, 313, Center – Pinewoods – PR – Brasil – POSTAL CODE 83.322-070 – The metropolitan region of Curitiba.