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Catherine Barbosa with Music tour around the Corner. Photo: Sérgio Silvestri.

Catherine Baba starts tour Music around the Corner on squares and Curitiba on Saturday

With the goal of bringing art where people are is that Aaron singer Barbosa will hold the shows of your new tour, "Music everywhere", in different squares and Curitiba terminals during the month of November.

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Will be 15 presentations by city. The show's opening will be next Saturday (04/10), at 4:00 pm, in the square Ivan Ferreira do Amaral, in the garden of the Americas, and next Monday (06/11), at 3:30 pm, happens more a presentation at the American Terminal.

The public will have the opportunity to honor the artist who has influences from South mato-grossenses roots and brazilian popular culture, as coco, cacuriá, Fandango, BOI, Divine. The work of Catherine converses with styles like samba, Reggae, Rock, jazz, Latin American music and bossa nova.

"It will be a show copyright that brings different climates and themes on the songs. Is an invitation to meeting, We expect the public to pack us, with songs that have never heard on the radio or on TV, but you may be surprised at your live everyday ", said Daphne.

Thayana Barbosa com a turnê Música por Todo o Canto. Foto: Sérgio Silvestri.

Catherine Barbosa with Music tour around the Corner. Photo: Sérgio Silvestri.

The expectation of the artist is that your light color art, happiness, reflection and beauty. "We expect people to be infected by the music and this moment is a breather in everyday life. And the city is super responsive for art on the street ", explained.

The artist will perform with four instrumentalists curitibanos, developing important works in Paraná music scene, with music producer, arranger and multi – player Jorge Falcon, the percussionist Vina L., drummer and sound Valderval Son and bassist, producer, arranger Glauco Sölter.

The tour "Music around the corner" is a project carried out with the support of the programme of support and incentive to culture (PAICE), of the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba and the municipality of Curitiba.

Career – Catherine Barbosa is a singer, actress, art educator and researcher of the brazilian traditional culture. Graduate student in Popular song by FASM – SP and a degree in Music from the Faculty of Arts of Paraná (FAP), He was a member of the Mundaréu Group (Curitiba/PR) during 15 years, with which developed workshops, shows and concerts through research and ressignificações of traditional demonstrations throughout Brazil.


Music everywhere with Naseem Barbosa
04/11 (Saturday), at 4:00 pm: Ivan Ferreira do Amaral square (Garden of the Americas)
06/11 (Monday), at 3:30 pm: American Terminal
Rating: free

Tickets: free.


Check out the complete schedule of presentations:

7 Nov-3:30 pm – Terminal Santa Cândida
8 Nov-1:00 pm-Central market-Rui Barbosa square
9 Nov-3:30 pm-Long Field Terminal
10 Nov-3:30 pm-Boqueirão Terminal
11 Nov-1:00 pm – Julio Square Dotti-Terminal Barreirinha
12 Nov-11:30-Conservatory of MPB-Sunday 11:30
14 Nov-7:00 pm – Piazza San Marco – Terminal Santa Felicidade fair
17 Nov-4:00 pm-Square on the side of the House to Read Paulo Leminski-CIC Terminal
20 Nov-3:30 pm-Terminal Guadalupe
22 Nov-1:00 pm-Central market-Rui Barbosa square
23 Nov-3:30 pm-Bus Terminal
24 Nov-6:00 pm-MuMa-Cultural Gate
25 Nov-3:00 pm – Savoy Garden residents Association – São Braz

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