Thays Renk

Masterpiece of Thays Renk

Thays Renk é Artista Plástica.

Thays Renk

Artist Gaúcha.

Several exhibitions and awards in Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Santa Maria.

The most used techniques are oil on canvas and acrylic on canvas. The style is impressionist with some forays into surrealism and abstract. The topics covered are varied as flowers, hamlets, figurative, landscapes, natureza morta, forms, transparencies, reflections, Light and color.

One of the favorite themes is the “Belle Epoque” where it gets transported, “travel” Cada à gi, thereby “soul, life, movement” in the works.

Part of AGAPA (Gaucho Association of Artistic Painting) and AAPSM (Association of Visual Artists of Santa Maria).

In 2005 he joined ALA in Latin American Academy of Art, then reaching a posting on interstate commerce and the Southern Cone.

Masterpiece of Thays Renk
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Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul

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