Tony Lima

Tony Lima é Artista Plástico.

Tony Lima is an artist.

Tony Lima – Antonio Carlos Lima

De Parnaíba in Piauí. Was born in 14 January 1964.

Autodidact (self taught), drawing in pencil from child. Met the ink in 1980, When changing to Brasilia. Gradually, familiar with the paint and linseed oil, coached by Zé Luis clerk, the House of artistic material Poliarte.

Participates in some courses of painting with the artists Anselm Rodrigues and Luiz Lobão. Leaves the job of waiter to devote himself entirely to painting. His works are inspired by the observation of scenes and images of everyday life. Allied to those that appear in your dreams.

Colective Exhibitions:

1993 Arts of 17TH-Brasília, Brasilia
1996 Candida Garden Art Gallery, Brasilia
1998 House of Arts, Brasilia
1999 Candida Garden Art Gallery, Brasilia
1999 Art Gallery of the LGW, Brasilia
2000 Off Gallery, Júlio Louzada, São Paulo
2001 Off Gallery, Júlio Louzada, São Paulo
2002 Galeria Rubem Valentim, Cultural Venue, Brasilia
2003 The Black Lodge of the National Congress, Brasilia
2003 Cultural Shopping Pátio Brazil, Brasilia
2003 White Hall of the National Congress, Brasilia
2003 Galeria Athos Bulcão, National Theatre, Brasilia
2009 Art Gallery of the LGW, Brasilia
2013 Yacht Club of Brasilia, Brasilia
2017 STJ DF Group Exhibition Quatroessência

Solo Exhibitions:

1999 Federal Accounting Council, Brasilia
2000 Administration of Lago Sul, Brasilia
2001 Embassy of Lebanon, Brasilia
2002 Martins Penna Hall, National Theatre, Brasilia
2002 Demo Library, Brasilia
2004 Embassy of Lebanon, Brasilia
2004 World Bank, Brasilia
2005 Chamber of Deputies, Brasilia
2009 Correio Brasiliense, Brasilia
2009 Art Gallery of the LGW, Brasilia
2009 Ministry of finance, Brasilia
2010 Chamber of Deputies, Brasilia
2012 Chamber of Deputies, Brasilia
2013 Museu da Inconfidência, Minas Gerais
2014 Thomas jefferson House, Brasilia
2014 Vice Presidency of the Republic, Brasilia
2015 1place Arts riachuelo National Congress, Brasilia
2016 Painting Art Exhibition Space Chateau

2017 MEMORIAL OF TJDFT “Art Sketching”


1996 Paint Brasilia, 1° Award
2003 Patio Brazil Conference, 5° Award

Arte 4

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Brasilia – Distrito Federal
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